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SFoL 12 The Return of The Unseen! {BD, Merc, Alch win}


Welcome to the Rise of the Unseen, SFoL12


3 years after their victory against the unseen. The Blue Dragon slept peacefully in their castle, not worrying of what is to come next. But this night is what they will regret. You see the unseen have spread their influence far across the realm. There are many Masterminds and Assassins doing many different things. The day before now a message was sent to one of these unseenists. It was a aristocrat with a letter. He was holding the letter in one hand, slowly approaching the mastermind of the unseen and showed him the letter. What it stated was that their stealth invasion of the castle of Adiart had failed. You see Adiart is a important castle within the realm. For it was one of the major empires that was still standing. The Mastermind looked at the note, he was angered. The fact that their operation failed was not something to let loose to the fellow unseen. The Mastermind began to study all of the people that lived in the castle of Adiart and how to manipulate them into helping the unseen. He first looked at the prince, a powerful figure. He figured that if he was to threaten the prince with revealing that 5 years ago he executed a Blue Dragon member then he would join. He saw the alchemist, he could easily destroy his reputation by revealing that he killed our beloved observer that she thought was a mastermind. The scorned, oh how easy he could get him to side with the unseen. For the scorned already had a hatred, and the unseen would help to kill those who she hated. Now we jump back to the present, 2 figures were at the gate of Adiart. The Mastermind and The Assassin, although these were not the old ones. These were more experienced ready to take Adiart.
But with this time the sheriff learned how he could find the unseen better. The unseen were let into the castle none to suspect them.

Hosted by Braixen/Bakura.



• Days last 72 hours, or until a majority is reached for execution. Nights last 48 hours.
• All actions must be sent to the mod.
• Unseen will talk via special Discord server.
• All classes will be used and will be used as they are found in the Class Cards Thread.


• To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]”
• Votes saying Guilty or Not Guilty before the target is on the stand will not be counted.
• Should the votes reach the majority, that player will go on trial. They can say a defense, and the rest of the players must vote Guilty or Not Guilty on the thread.
• Players can discuss while the target is on trial.
• No one is able to use day powers when a trial is in session. The Only exception is the king’s Decide Fate.
• After the voting, the King has 24 hours to choose to allow or veto the vote. Should the king not respond, the majority vote will be accepted.
• The day timer does not stop when the target is on trial.
• If the day timer runs out before a total majority is hit, the option with the most votes is what happens to the target.

Picking a New King

• If there are less than 4 players a new king will not be selected.
• After a king’s execution the day does not end, an election shall be held right after.
• When the king dies 24 hours is given for any player with royal blood to step up and take the throne.
• After that 24 hours anyone is free to step up.
• If only 1 person steps up when the day ends that person becomes the king
• If 2 people step forward everyone votes on who should be the next king. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day becomes the king. If the votes are tied whoever stepped up 1st becomes the king

Action Results


You slept peacefully
Someone occupied your night
For whatever reason, you instead visited [x]
Someone tried to occupy you but you had no time for them
You were attacked but you survived
You were unfortunately killed
Your attempt to kill your target failed
Your attempt to occupy your target failed


You were bewildered
Your ability backfired (Pants on Fire/Dark Rune)
You’ve been intimidated
You were exposed to deadly nightshade!
A mercenary has offered you a contract, do you accept?
You’ve been slapped and cannot vote
You’ve been threatened


• PM the host what you want on your journal.
• When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone

Death Notes

• Need to be drawn
• Submitted with the kills

Special Features

• This game will only feature unseen as the main scum faction.
• Unseen can now convert classes that were normally unconvertable
• Buffs to Sheriff and Mastermind.

Sheriff Buffo

-Day ability: Debuty, Check a Person at night. 1 person, if you die that night they will become a sheriff, unless they are unconvertable

  • Investigate: Check 2 people to see if they are a member of the unseen.

• King can be converted

Class List of Converted Classes

Converted Prince


Unseen Offensive


Passive: Royal Blood: [Only usable upon the death of a king] As a Royal, you can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.

Day: Lock up: Lock up a person in a cell for tonight (Looks like prince cell) but you can’t see what they say and you can’t talk (3 uses) (If fails, it will not take a use)

Day: Search!: Search a Player for their journal allowing you to read it. (2 uses)

Night: Interrogate: Visit the Cell at night and talk to the person in the cell as if you were the prince (You will appears as the prince) (Can’t be stopped via Occupy) (2 uses)

Night: Command: Command a Player to visit another player (Counts as occupation, so anyone immune to occupation will be immune to it). They will know if this happens (5 Uses)

Converted Alchemist

Plague Doctor

Unseen Support

Passive: Safety of the Mask: With your mask you are immune to poison and bleeding . You are also immune to your first attack.

Day: Fake Nightshade: Make a player think that they have been poisoned (2 uses)

Night: Sleeping Gas: Fill a player’s room with sleeping gas making them be occupied as well as any other visitors. (3 uses)

Night: Potion of Strength: Give your assassin a potion of strength allowing him to bypass night immunity (2 uses)

Converted Reaper

The Haunt

Unseen Offensive

Day: Stalk: Stalk a player for the day seeing who they use their abilities on (3 uses)

Day: Consume Soul: Consume a Soul to come back alive for a day negating all of your passives (Special)

Night: Cloak of Darkness: Cloak a player in darkness making them appears suspicious to investigators, OR cloak a unseen member in darkness to make them appear good to investigators. (3 uses)

Night: Dream Haunt: Haunt a player’s dream as another player, making them unable to visit the person who appeared in their dream until you use this ability on another player. (3 uses)

Converted Possessor

Body Snatcher

Unseen Special

Passive: Blackened Shield: Immune to Death at Night

Night: Body Theft: Steal a Person’s body, killing them then placing you into their body with their unseen counterpart.

Converted Fool


Unseen Wildcard

Passive: Curse of Insanity: One person who votes guilty when you are being executed (random) will be instantly converted.

Day: Surprise!: If a player uses a day ability they will instead use it on you. {Doesn’t Signal them, also doesn’t work on nightshade.}(3 Uses)

Night: Dirty Work: Forage for the Assassin (3 uses)

Converted Scorned


Unseen Social

Passive: Alone: Due to you being alone you lock your door at night (Immune to Visitors)

Day: Forged Vote: Make a player vote for another player, they are unable to revert this (3 uses)

Night: Blind Eyes: Make a player receive their information late from the night (Infinite Uses)


  1. Inpanity
  2. Nuclear Pan
  3. Pokeman Pan Ryan
  4. PolikPanbliss
  5. Pangle KING
  6. FrostPan
  7. Wolfy with a PAn
  8. HippoPan
  9. Simpan
  10. NozPanz
  11. Exce with a Vanilla Pan
  12. Marluxipan
  13. Damapan
  14. kyopan
  15. 3DT_CheesyPANS
  16. AgentPan

Time Stamps

Confirmation Stage
Hail to the King
Night One
Day 2
Kyo’s Trial
Polik’s Trial
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Frost’s Trial


0 - my sanity
1 - PolikPanbliss - Possessor
2 - Nuclear - Maid
3 - PKR - Asasssin
4 - Kyo - Knight
5 - Wolfy - Drunk

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fucking sign me up boy





also 2 things:

1: I remember you making that Proof of consept for this. I find that cool that you are finally using that!

2: What about converted scorned/inquis?


Too crazy not to


Inquis doesn’t exist

Idk were scorned is its somewhere


Sorry I ment sorc


Nah fam


btw what was the MM buff?


Ability to convert every 1


Insanely scumsided… duuuuh.


I feel like some other classes need buffing on the BD side for this to work.


Uhhhhh. Well Uh. Uhh. Hmm. Uh, well uh

WELL Multiball was scum sided and everyone was fine with it




convert me
even though asking is against the rules


/Join fam




/you know me :smiley_cat: So totally in!


Not to the point where unseen just choses who to kill and who should win with them.

Literaly only chance to win is kill MM in first 2-3 days, otherwise… rip.
And MM is investigation immune then… soooooo…


Wait no. The Unseen still has a limited number of people I think. I’m confused how the sheriff buff is supposed to help. Sheriff isn’t the most useful class or anything so getting a new one isn’t that helpful.

Also to compensate for being convertable the starting king should always start good.