SFoL 00 - Dead chat

This is dead chat.

You can talk.

Hello dere

Sup bitches

Don’t say swears

It’s legally reprehensible


I have one thing to say.

Stop dying at day, wtf guys.

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It’s not my fault that I’m a very shootable guy

I probably got klaimvigged

@eevee any chance at dead interaction?

Also ree in getting PC’d n1 into a dayvig

Besides revive convert lmao

Was luxy the infiltrator then?

I was trying to get Maxwell to shoot Luxy

Well who was the infliltrqtor?

I’m not going to say my dude
Just in case of luldeadinteraction

The only case it would leak is that I or derps is revived.

As a cultist

Which would also be a mega lol

I will say this
I’m 90% on Maxwell being DT

He locked me as town for the weakest of reasons