SFoL 00 - Cult Chat

This is cult chat.

It will be released after game has ended.

The Infiltrator

Cult Special
“This place should have plenty to join my cause. Time to recruit some followers for the ethereal beings I hear.”
Hidden Weapon (Day) - Cause a player to bleed. They will bleed and die in two nights if not healed. - 1 use :crown:
Secret Training (Day) - Retrain a member of the cult, you may choose what original BD class that member would originate from, giving them different ability inheritance - Infinite use
Outside Influence (Night) - Change target player into the Cult version of their class. If you have failed to convert a target twice already and your next conversion would fail it will instead target a random convertible player. This may target a dead player, bringing them back to life - Infinite uses, 1 night cooldown
Cloak and Dagger (Night) - Attack 2 players at once, bypassing immunity, this can still be healed. Alternatively you may attack 1 player bypassing all forms of healing and immunity. :crown:

Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any Neutrals that oppose you.

The Trickster

Cult Offensive
Warlock Magic (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection
Trace Barrier (Day) - Redirect a player’s day action if targeting [Target] to themselves - 2 Uses.
Rune Mark (Night) - Redirect the players to self if one tries to visit the other, You’ll only be seen visiting the first - 3 Uses.
Blind Sight (Night) - Redirect a player to Self - 1 Use.
Mix Rooms (Night) - Target 2 players. Redirect all players targeting either of your targets to the other. You will be seen visiting your first target only. - Infinite uses

Yo, my “first” time being evil. (I don’t count Clown fiesta)

@JakeTheWolfie can you please do something this game?

Clown Fiesta was very frustrating for me

@eevee classcards in cult chat OP please?

I was at church

@Luxy Can you do something in the game?

I don’t need to yet.

That was directed at your performance in clown mafia, not you here.

@eevee am I allowed to post my extra ability options here?

@eevee we need class cards in the OP of the thread, how do we know what to claim

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I think I may fake my Royal Guard. As it has a 1 BD kill leniency, I could probably kill someone and claim it if I needed to survive.

Go ahead. Yes.

Kings (called Tsars in this game)
BD Special
BD Offensive and Unseen Converts
Unseen Special
Cult Special
Neutral Social
Neutral Killer
Memesky Special
BD Social and Unseen Converts

Scribe A (Scribe with Calligrapher)

Scribe B (Scribe with Scrivener):

Cult Social
Unseen Main Killer
BD Killer and Unseen Converts
BD Investigative and Unseen Converts
BD Support and Unseen Converts
Cult Offensive
Cult Investigative
Cult Killer
Cult Support
Neutral Support
Neutral Offensive

Use those for now, I need to add some converts (like to alchemist), but it’s 98% accurate rn.

Chose one ability from following ones:

(limited ability inheritance for cult)

Last Stand Saloon (Night) - Gladiate a player, only one of you two may be lynched the following day. - 1 use

Literally a Platypus (Day) Put a curse on someone. They must also include a grkgkgrgkk in their posts for the rest of the phase. (2 Uses)

Where’s Perry? (Day) : Disappear. You will not be able to be killed the following night but you can’t perform actions. (2 uses)

Last Resort (Night Ability) - Select a player. If they attack anyone that night, you will kill them. Doesn’t take effect if the attacked player survives for any reason - 1 use.

That would be great for faking platypus.

Oh well…

You already both are talking without grkkgrkrkgrkr

What does that mean

I don’t want to be annoying, or fake annoyance, or use a pretty much take a useless ability.

We don’t need jake faking another PR

Who was cursed?