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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


any other potential threats that may oppose you.


but that can be NK…


my class


When you learn that “funny” skeleton is overrated? :thinking:

The win conditions were same as usual expect 1 Class. Also sorry but I would prefer to leave for Host how the game is going to look like. If you didn’t enjoy it what can I say? /shrug


the funny skeleton comment was a joke but still.

I like Pap better as a character. but sans is where the memes are at.

opinions are subjective. I agree
I’ve used this exact same argument with Maxi and my alchemist class.


you sort of ignored that there was an additional scum faction.

reminds me of the time that enemy within existed


Dunno, blame Firekitten for that. :tea:


how did that happen.

you cant blame the player if you rolled it in their slot at the start