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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


or rather can I be invited


Ah thanks, it was nothing!


invite me too! Plez


Same here :3


Oooh, DBD class.


Hey guys, I have a confession to make.




I had the feeling FK was scum fuck.


yeah @Margaret



congrats Marg. I won gg


but seriously.

what did I even do to be read as scum by you


@Twil1ight I complain that pap was used instead of the funny skeleton


this game wasnt good tbh.

sorry but it’s just my opinion


also this.

is fucking bastard


That read was so far-fetched that I thought it had to be fake.
I’d be sorry for killing you Marg but I’m not honestly.


@Margaret why would you fake a read?

especially if you were town


or did I get that wrong

You were scum that flipped town?


My gut feeling was that FK was scum.

yet. I never acted upon it because I didn’t know 2 scum factions existed


@Twil1ight tip for next closed setup.

Please at least say what the factions are that are in play and what wincons.


i had absolutely no idea I’d be up against a multiball