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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


Only thing I didn’t enjoy was this eye burning text colour


Switching into a Dark/Grey Amber only while reading this thread probably would solve issue.


Anyway, this game was fun, but I wish more people joined, it could be probably made to be more balanced in that case.


Short as it was for me, I enjoyed it!




Funny how I came to conclusion classcards were incorrect for the wrong reason.


What was the reason?


I didn’t receive feedback for my tracker ability N2, so I thought it wasn’t a tracker ability that got used, and that my class uses all different abilities in a row without regard to whom I target.


People I targeted:
N1 - Nerbins
N2 - BlueStorm
N3 - BlueStorm
N4 - MaximusPrime


My Target List
N1:No one
N2:No one
N3:No one
N4:No one


why tho


Cause my ability was useless as evil and no one was there to stop/protect as town


not really tbh


Your Ability was a jail keeper

it’s a nice role for evil and town


I didn’t have a chat with Squid so I could have stopped a kill


You were essensially Jail Keeper :thinking:


Why didn’t you fucking ask me for my input??

I would’ve told you to kill fk ffs

And didn’t you scumread squid earlier???


I didn’t really care at that point honestly.
At that point I thought Marg was evil so I just YOLO’d.


Nerbins you are my hero :smiley:


What’s dead chat like