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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


What is speech bubble?


Twi can I be added to the scumchats?


The thing underneath arrow pointing to firekittens name in his picture


I was going to talk about my service to the Panda King, but I was afraid that my former team mates would see my words and spew it if there was a dead communicator, I guess I was right to keep my mouth shut


Can I see ur chat


I sent you an invite though :thinking:


no ur card




No my card


Anyway, my class:


@Twil1ight I still don’t get why my N2 wasn’t a follow.


It was a follow. :thinking:

Just target didn’t visit anybody.


How it didn’t visit anybody? ELI5


Wait nvm.




Still weird feedback.


I would like to thank all players who attended. I know this game isn’t seem “fair” and you may not enjoy bastard games but for those who did enjoy i hope it wasn’t seem like waste of the time.

For the future, if you aren’t enjoying the game please message me in PM and ask if you can replace out. I would be apreciated.

Also i would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year as i probably won’t be on forums for a couple of days. Have a nice day or good night wherever you are right now.


I just expected “Your target didn’t visit anyone” or something like that in that scenario.


Does it also say “Slept peacefully” if there are no visitors for Observer in FoL? Or it’s a deviation Twi made?


I was following my own system.