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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


Can I just say how lucky my slot is that Celeste blocked a strongman on us?


What are you talking about? He’s Santa just look at him, totally not a panda.



Only the Panda, master of all three santas, could stop him.


Firekitten needs to stop targetting me smh


luxy needs to stop rolling scum


even when they roll town you always seem to convert them


I need to stop expanding my loss record.
Glass Joe pities me.


They are a perfect convert target tho


I know


Legit every one thought I was town after my defence and fk is like ‘tone bad kill him’


I need to stop being such obvious scum :thinking:


luxy also would have been my Panda teammate if I didn’t murder them as they had my key


I targeted you first mboi, I decided to push someone d1 who I thought wouldn’t get lynched that day, I thought I could only find keys through my night abilities and not lynched ._.


What key?


that’s called scumhunting



I survived the first day


You had a key that I got after you were lynched


Also can I say I correctly scumread marcus for his super selfconscious post at the start


Exactly, I thought pushing on you was helpful towards achieving a no lynch that day, which it was


No i didnt