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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


also found squids scum tell


Being inactive as hell?


that and something else



There’s more where that came from


So Squids scumtell is…

Liking a bunch of a persons posts?


nope! Glhf


That was the only way to get your immediate attention :woman_shrugging:


Good luck have fun?


k I’ll guess I say

Their scumtell is shade throwing

they throw a lot of shade as scum


Sorry, was working on the roleplay card. Also the notifications came pretty late


Check for hidden text.


Yes, i can confirm that shadethrowing as Town is 10000 IQ strat. /s




Watch for rolling rocks beaten in 0.5 a presses

sorry I’m springloaded


So there was a scum Santa, a town Santa and a neutral Santa

That’s enough winter chaos for the next three years.


Listen I suck at this okay?




overall fun game

even though people get mad at the bastard mechanics just do this if you are in a bastard game

let go


but it all changed when the neutral santa attacked