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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


Try claiming Omni Miller :wink:


I’m actually going to do that


Margaret was healed by Max.


(And you wonder why I complain)


Shockingly enough, Blue, bastard games don’t play fair.


So Marg died from my normie kill?


my favorite part of the game was the different pandas


Then it means you don’t like Bastard games. Which is fine. /shrug


Nah, I had a hidden ability where after I was dead I could kill one person with no chance of fail. I scumread Marg.


Who weee you thinking about killing


I didn’t really care at that point so I just killed the first person I scumread.


Gee, guess I’ll just get fucking dragged for no good reason.


What does that mean?


uh, so what happened




CHAOS! That’s the word, alright.


Fun fact:I tried framing myself as killing marl then I realized I was Marcus


I probably should’ve brought this up sooner but I forgot that this happened.


So if I had Blue attack FK, then I wouldn’t have been kidnapped by the Panda King and made to be his slave… huh…


I see :^)