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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


It was because I thought you were a lost wolf that I didn’t even bother pushing on you

The whole situation was still fishy as fuck


Honestly thought squid explained to you that I was covering for you and that’s why you didn’t push


Also I was right

I said so strongman right when squid said their ability



My one-shot anytime check was used on you

Which came up Restless Spirit

I guess what happened was it was used on myself (for some reason)




Even when you pushed for my lynch I didn’t really mind cause I thought it was some elaborate SvS you were pushing to get yourself even more confirmed

(Which obviously wouldn’t have worked anyway)




What is that?


It was Twi explaining why my strongman kill on you failed


Our kill on you didn’t go through cause Squid was occupied by Marg

But it should have gone through due to Squid’s passive


I’m super glad it didn’t


According to Twi, it only affects you and Luxy, not me


Also no one notice why I stopped pushing Astand and or squid or had the ability to confirm Astand
I didn’t want to deal with a possible two scum


But then hang on

You pushed for my lynch

What did Marg die to last night?


Me… or bleeding, whichever came first


also I didn’t care about your alignments


Little did Squid know that she ran over her classcard’s dog the day before. It had a grudge since then.


I do legit wanna know what Marg died from though


Your passive was fake. It would work only on your team after you getting lynched. :tea:


dammit this makes me want to roll wolf more

I want to test the boundaries of what I can claim as scum