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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


“Hey, we want more discussion”
“Let’s lynch this dude in 1 hour when half the people aren’t even on”

what fucking hindsight you idiot


From Marl’s blacklist thread:

“Tactically replacing out of games, replacing out of games because you don’t like your role, and rage replacing out of games is unacceptable.”

If I had replaced out, it would have been against the line in bold here.


because no matter what it’s a town tell as well


Also I admit my mistake when I say I will trust my gut more next time. Also Blue would have been lynched either way, and he was scum, so my vote was not a mistake.


Blue could tell how pissed I was because I literally had no idea how FK was still alive the next day


Or at least Twi, I don’t know if I raged in scum chat or not


I mean, true, but ehh

Not something you want to point out,as people will look at that

Inb4 you change your scum tell again.


I don’t have nights inmunity


Blizwr I can admit I’m scum D1 and I will survive bet


Then we tried to kill Marg the night after with the strongman and nothing happened there either

Both strongman kills failed


Alright, if it makes you feel better, I will admit I was the biggest moron in this game and town lost because of me. Not sarcasm.


I could tell
@Twil1ight Why didn’t my kill on FK work?


I’m guessing the strongman kill was bastard


Margaret blocked the attack which is why you were bleeding.


You could get away with openwolfing
I can see it


Actually, I lied about the second strongman use, at the time, you weren’t my teammate anymore, so…

I used the ability on Marg when I attacked her so at least that worked


We need the pizza guy meme


I have a different phone now so I don’t have it saved


(Passive) - When one of your teammates is performing factional kill, they cannot be occupied.


Yeah this is getting a little out of hand.