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[SFM] Winter Chaos - Panda King And Co. Wins!


Introduction: :package:


  • Hello and Welcome in another Forum Mafia! Because Christmas is coming i made this piece like what is Christmas without theme dedicated to it!?
Hosted by Twil1ght

Rules: :christmas_tree:

  1. All standard forum rules apply, as usual.
  2. Any cheating, angleshooting etc are forbidden.
  3. Please be respectful to other players and keep your salt through entire match to yourself.
  4. Be active! After 24 hours you will be prodded and if you don’t answer in 12 hours, you would be replaced/modkilled.
  5. Most importantly have fun!

Gameplay: :video_game:

  • Days are 48 Hours Long while Nights are 24 Hours Long.
  • This is closed setup in other words the rolelist AND role cards are hidden.
  • Evil Factions have a Day and Night Chat.
  • There is balanced amount of players in each alignments.
  • There may or may not be any “random” events.

Journals and Deathnotes: :open_book: :spiral_notepad:

  • They are allowed. Last sended Journal would appear after you die.

Role Cards: :card_index:

There are Santas, Elves, Reindeers and much more! Or is it like that? :thinking:

Playerlist: :santa:

  1. Margaret - Died Night 4 - Papyrus
  2. Marluxion - Died Night 1 - Aoi “Santa” Kurashiki
  3. BlueStorm - Lynched Day 4 - Cleaned
  4. Marcus_Doodalee —> Firekitten - Panda King
  5. PoisonedSquid - Winter Eirika
  6. MaximusPrime - Lynched Day 5 - Kel’Thuzad
  7. GamerPoke - Ice Man
  8. Luxy - Lynched Day 2 - Ophillia Clement
  9. Insanity - Lynched Day 3 - Ice Climbers
  10. Nerbins - Died Night 1 - Link
  11. astand - The Legion
  12. Pug - Kyle Broflovski

Backup: :+1:

  1. WazzaAzza
  2. Geyde

Timelaps: :timer_clock:

D1 / Start Of The Game
D1 / Double Santa Reveal
D1 No Lynch / N1
N1 / Start Of D2
D2 / Third Santa Reveal
D2 / Luxy’s Lynch
N2 / Start Of D3
D3 / Insanity’s Lynch
N3 / Start Of D4
D4 / BlueStorm’s Lynch
N4 / Start Of D5
End Of The Game




If anyone is wondering, there is no limits in term of slots.


I always gotta be the first to join a closed set up (probably bastard) game


screams internally

They are allowed. The latest sent journal will appear after you die.




/sended latest


that means in


What do you expect from a person who cannot pronouce “R”? :thinking:


Or “pronounce”, apparently.


But stop with false-quoting, alright?


I’m not gonna scroll up to see the quick-edit you made.
You can’t make me.


I don’t need to convince anybody. What are you doing here anyway? :thinking:


When does this start btw?


Considering joining.


I make announcement after certain amount of players will join.


Okay then, /Take spot 7. None of my games start until tomorrow I guess



Oof apparently it doesn’t format the way I wanted it to





/Make me a Jewish Elf