[SFM] ""Throne of Lies"" - Night [0] - 17/17


  1. Obey all general Forum rules.
  2. The uninformed majority is called the BLUE DRAGON.
  3. Our scouts are too afraid to tell us who the informed minority are. But they exist.
  4. This game is Explicitly Bastard. Expect weird mechanics, lies, and fucked up bullshit in general.
  5. Due to this game’s status as a bastard game, Wisdom of the Mod is in play. New players and known slankers will not be allowed to join for the sake of the rest of the players.
  6. Majority is disabled. Plurality is enabled. In the case of a tie, the player who recieved more votes first is Executed.
  7. Days will be 48 hours. Nights will be 24 hours. Unless otherwise stated.
  8. You may communicate with players about the game outside of the game, so long as Icibalus is included in this communication at all times.
  9. This game is definitely not inspired by MANTICHORA again. That game was called Town of Salem FM. Totally different.


  1. Wazza
  2. Simon
  3. Eevee
  4. Italy
  5. Marshal
  6. Possessed
  7. Arete
  8. PoisonedSquid
  9. Sulit
  10. SirDerpsALot
  11. N.1
  12. darth_tabor
  13. Emilia
  14. Emi
  15. ZoneQ11
  16. Mist1422
  17. The Manticore

Lost Souls

  • DatBird

Watchers of the Night

  • Jgoesgaming
  • Astand
  • Universal

Note: This game is a dumb parody. Icibalus Inc. is not liable for any issues experienced while playing this game.

Day [■] has begun. You have [■■] hours.



>A small Bird lands on a balcony. Pray that its’ soul does not replace yours.


oh god

Oh god

I’d almost in if this was hosted anywhere else just to play exclusively via DMs

>Join, Orange. Join it and weep.


>Icibalus Inc., a subsidiary of the Somewhat Polish group, accepts your decision.


a couple questions

  1. Is it possible that the OP is lying to us in some regard?

  2. Is this a similar kind of bastard like how i know geyde has done it (and some others i think but idk who), where things may be weird but there is a sort of logic behind it, or does it not hold itself to that standard?

>I cannot disclose the answer to question 1, however there is a logic to the setup, so answer 2 is yes.

the first question is specifically designed that only a ‘no’ answer really means anything, so your fine

/vote Wazza

>How bold of you to assume that Day [■] has a lynch. (Hint: It does not.)

twas worth a shot though

/ita Icibalus
might as well get some other tests done

>You smash the tannoy. You can receive no fur-

I do hope I am on the right track though, seeing something like that and thinking this could happen
(feel free to not respond)

What happened in that game?

/vote Wazza

  1. I am bold and dumb.
  2. You “hinted” that it does not; a hint is not equal to the answer.