[SFM] NovelUpdates Forum FM - Signup FULL T∇T (17/17)

“Expect the worst out of everything.”

Hosted by @Zone_Q11, reviewed by @eevee and @DatBird


  1. Follow the Global Forum Rules.
  2. Post a minimum of 10 posts per Day Phase.
  3. Do not forget to leave a vote at the end of the day. (Unless Majority was activated.)
  4. Ignore either of the former two rules, and you will be given a warning.
  5. Gather three warnings, and you will be subbed out or modkilled immediately.
  6. I can and might have to add and/or remove rules in the future. Except GFR.
    Let’s just hope that I won’t have to use this rule.

Sample role PMs:

Red Herring Role Samples

You are Tilgarial, a Neutral Jester


You are a Jester without a BPV.
After you get lynched, you can kill a living player and nobody can do anything about it.

Get lynched. It’s that easy. Don’t overthink stuff.

You are NZPIEFACE, a Serial Killer


You are a Serial Killer who can kill a player each Night Phase.
You probably hate randing as the role who needs to kill everyone, without anything else to help you.
So I’ll throw you a bone and make your work easier.

Kill exactly one Mafia without revealing your role, and survive one night after you killed them. If you live past that night, you get to leave the game victoriously.

You are seriouslynope, a [REDACTED]


Special Mechanic 1:
Each night each player may decide to guess your identity.
If they are incorrect, they die bypassing all protections.
If they are correct, you die bypassing all protections and the guesser will get 1-Shot Day Vigilante Shot OR 1-Shot Strongman Cop Check for immediate use. (Their choice.)
In case of multiple correct guesses, the first winner will be picked.

Special Mechanic 2:
You know all members of the Mafia.

Special Mechanic 3:
Every Night, you will obtain the choice to be peeked as any role and alignment of your choice to all investigative roles. If you don’t choose one, then it’ll default to your last choice.

Ability: [REDACTED]

[REDACTED] By achieving victory, everyone will die and you will be the sole winner of the game.

General Gameplay

  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours.
  • There are no logs / last will mechanics.
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • Votes are locked in MyLo and LyLo scenarios.
  • All votes must be in the form /vote [name of player] to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form /unvote. This is to enable the smooth processing of votes.
  • All actions must be submitted in your classcards.
  • Flips will be shown after a player dies.
  • The Mafia factional kill is NOT mandatory.
  • The Mafia factional kill IS assigned. That is, a specific member of the Mafia must be chosen to perform the factional kill. If no member is selected, the last member who submitted a kill will be assumed to perform it.
  • The Mafia will communicate through a private message.
  • The game starts when the player list is fully filled.


  • The setup is closed with the exception of one role.
  • This is a bastard game.
  • There is only 1 or 2 “bastard elements”, and everything else is a red herring.
  • Lynches are majority and plurality. In cases of a tie, the lynch will be determined randomly among the players outside the tie.
  • No Lynch is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In case No Lynch and a player are tied at the end of the day, No Lynch takes priority.
  • There is at least one Neutral, and one Neutral’s card is partially shown at the Red Herring Role Samples; it’s the one with [REDACTED] on it.

Limited Feedback™ Summary:

  • Doctor healing: No
  • Getting healed: No
  • Roleblocked: No
  • Redirected: No
  • Transported: No
  • Getting attacked: No
  • Getting killed: Yes
  • Investigative results: Yes
  • Anything else: Probably No

Player List:

  1. ModeShifter
  2. Italy
  3. KyoDaz
  4. PoisonedSquid
  5. Alice
  6. oB_L1ght
  7. GreenCatKid
  8. Wazza
  9. soolit
  10. EVO
  11. DannyThyGamer
  12. Crimson97
  13. TrustworthyLiberal
  14. PokemonKidRyan
  15. Ami
  16. Hippoyeetus
  17. clonedcheese



  1. Marshal
  2. Amelia
  3. astand
  4. Napoleon
  5. katze
  6. Priestess
  7. Jane
  8. N.1
  9. Emilia
  10. SirDerpsAlot


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thanks zone i was worried that i wouldn’t notice if i was dead



i have three days left to live

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/in :eyes:

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/in boi

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Hey Derps. Wanna join a bastard game?

I’ll watch this madness unfold

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Eh… I dunno. There are no ITAs since this isn’t a mash, and I clearly stated that there will be only 2 bastard element at most.

I think it will be doable.

I know but
I’m probably just gonna spectate because lolschoolwork

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Alright. …say, if you become a spectator, does that mean that I’d have to put you and Marshal on every PM?

You don’t have to do that, no.
If we’re informed you can basically just give us a rolelist or something

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Alright. I’ll do this then.


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I’ve got no idea what this is, but… /in

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