[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win


  • Moderator 》@Geyde. Send all actions to me.

  • Respect 》Don’t be a dick. If you are going to rage, try to do it in your role pm instead of in thread. If you don’t know what’s in boundaries then ask the mod.

  • Quoting 》Don’t quote any messages from outside of the main thread (moderator messages, neighborhood chats, etc).

  • Spam 》Try to limit spam and excessive fluffposting in thread.

  • Angleshooting 》Avoid this at all costs. If an action by the mod or something OOG would cause the correct assumption on a player’s alignment, please inform the mod.

  • Weaponizing Mod 》This is extremely punishable.


  • Cycles 》Days are 48 hours and Nights are 24 hours. If all players post to skip the night in their role pms, I will skip the night.

  • Lynch 》Lynches are majority + plurality. There is a d1 lynch. Retrospective VCs will be provided in every votecount after the first day.

  • Voting 》When voting please ping the mod. Otherwise I am likely to miss it.

  • Powers/Roles 》This game is a closed game with semi-bastard elements. There may or may not be third parties. All roles will do something. That something may not be extremely useful though as the power level of the setup isn’t very high.

  • Factions 》Town, Mafia, Third Party

  • Anti-Claim 》The scum faction are provided with full fakeclaims.

  • Flavor 》Flavor is based off of Metal Gear Solid 1. Flavor is AI. Good guys are scum and vice versa.

Hideo Kojima

Town Vengeful
At any time you may target a player. When you die the last player you targeted will be shot.


  1. DatBird
  2. Luxy
  3. Sulit
  4. Lymphoma
  5. Astand
  6. Frostwolf
  7. Andrej
  8. Bazingaboy
  9. MaximusPrime
  10. Magnus
  11. Htm
  12. Boss110


  1. Mercenary
  2. Icibalus
VC History

[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win
[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win
[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win
[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win
D2 (w/ retrospective d1)
[SFM] Metal Gear Solid FM - GAME END - Mafia & Traitor win

Day 1 has started and will end in 48 hours.



Sets frequency to 141.12

Snake? Are you there?

So you claim Solid Snake, Dat. Good to know.

/vote DatBird

did u use your eyes today Astand?

I’m using them constantly, my friend.

Albeit I wouldn’t call Solid Snake my friend, come to think of it.

Are you an acquaintance of him, maybe?

Well then they sure are broken then, I wasnt claiming Snake at all, was more softing Otacon as a joke to see if we could get someone to make a mistake but I guess I gotta stop this already

Fair enough, you pass.


It’s usually more lively when games start, I guess it’s because of the time.

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Its a great time for me, guess it isnt for everyone else

Was gonna say that maybe a full out flavor claim might work, but this foils that.

Also this is important to remember

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I will no speak to prevent dying

That seems town motivated, indeed. If no one ever speaks, no one will die and we catch wolves for sure.

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Then why join if your not gonna play, thats just a waste


I bet these spies that want to sabotage our ultimate weapon would never dream to fakeclaim something absurd.

How absurd we thinking, like the ketchup bottle absurd

Close enough, can you keep quiet about it for now on since I think you figure out what I am saying?

ok sure i guess…

Great, I think you’re cleared.