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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


Both of them are close to NAI, imo, but there’s 100% a wolf among them simply by process of elimination.


Alright my PoE rn is Squid, Nerbins, celeste, eevee

What do you think


Vote Count

Datbird- eevee squid-2/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk geyde datbird maxwell-5/6


That’s pretty much exactly where I’m at.


EOD is in 25 minutes.


Any thoughts?


I think we are not gonna answer it.


Day 2 has ended

Final Vote count

Datbird- eevee squid-2/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk geyde datbird maxwell-5/6

Squid has been lynched,will be flipped when @Firekitten comes


Oh yeah this exist.

Hold on


Wtf is that CFD.

Get back on Dat, he is way more scummy than Squid.


Dont Twilightpost


(Didn’t see the EoD, you posted at same moment as me)


Everyone gathered around. They all congratulated themselves on lynching Mario, a person who has caused them so much trouble. They were all partying when they realized they were two more mafia. Panicking, they pointed at one of the most scary looking ghosts. Of course the mafia would hire them, they are super big and would obviously be able to pull their weight. Squid panicked said “IT WASN’T ME! I JUST WANTED FREINDS, I WOULD NEVER BETRAY Y’ALL”. The other ghosts didn’t listen and proceeded to kill squid.

@PoisonedSquid was lynched. They were



“You done it this time, before I was just joking. But now I’m actually mad. And you won’t like me when I’m mad”

Being a scary looking ghost, you are actually a gentle ghost. However you only have a few ghost friends due to how scary you are. But when King Boo decided to destroy the dark moon, you got really angry. All those people who just mocked you for being you are going to regret it. However, you noticed something odd. A ghost is getting punched by a group of ghosts. Now this isn’t out of the ordinary but it is when these ghosts have red eyes and actually look like they want to murder that ghost. You have decided to stop whatever is happening here, even though you have little idea what is happening here.
Win Condition-Defeat all of the members of the mafia


You are immune to death at night once.


Day is starting sooner due to me needing to be somewhere

N2 has ended. @Geyde was found dead last night. They are.



@Icibalus was found dead last night. They are



D3 starts. However, for whatever reason voting will not be done in the thread today. Votes will be done in your own pm. Upon reaching hammer or end of day. A vote count will be posted then and not before. All votes are anonymous and vote count at end of day will all appear as anonymous names.

D3 ends at 2019-04-19T11:20:00Z


Majority is 5 with 8 people alive.




My destroy got towncored


Mechanics have been updated in the D3 mechanic post.


This is so anti town


When I will have more time, I will paraphrase and paste most important parts of mine and Ici discussion.

Remind me about it if I forget to do it.