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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


Which is exactly the point I just made aahhh…


This line of reasoning only really works depending on the actual scumteam. A Datbird/Nerbins scumteam for instance wouldn’t really counterpush their buddy much and would be more like guesswelose.


Why wasn’t he voted day 1 for this


Lol wat


DatBird should still be lynched I believe.


I like my vote on Squid. :man_shrugging:




This post entirely reads as, look at me, justifying my vote and all, instead of vote this guys, he’s scum.

The defeatist attitude pervading throughout posts is also fitting with a scumteam that’s imploding.


Because, in the time given aka 2 days, no one has convinced me otherwise with good evidence and explaination


What’s your evidence for datbird being scum then

What do you think about quote I made before do you think it’s distancing then? Why?



I actually don’t know, I think I was just in sheeping mode.


/vote Poisoned_Squid
After reviewing this thread, I guess Hjasik and his allies have convinced me, for now.


It’s L-1 now I think


On bird or squid?


On squid


Vote Count

Datbird-Ici eevee squid-3/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk geyde datbird maxwell-5/6


So, I’ve read all of Geyde’s arguments, and to be honest I’ve got to say I’m convinced that
A: DatBird is not the right lynch for today
B: Geyde is probably village (stupid gut, wolfreading Geyde just for wolfreading me initially)
C: Squid is a viable lynch option for today.
D: Eevee is still in the PoE.

This stands as the second time this game I’ve spent several walls trying to prove a guy is wolf and it turning out that i missed a huge amount by going so deep on a microread.

I should probably draw the conclusion that walls are bad because A: nobody reads them B: they give out wrong results and C: even when they do give correct results you can do a lot better with a simple 1-paragraph post.



Mafia universe cough


believe me I had to swallow my pride a lot to make that post.

My own thoughts on Squid have me less certain than Geyde that she flips wolf, but the maths indicates that so long as the nightkill dosen’t hit a hider, we can afford the info given by a Squid mislynch (and can obviously afford the wincon benefit given by a Squid lynch).


What do you think about nerbins/celeste rn