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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win




That means that you can look at my postcount in other games right


Take a break for all I care.
You need to realize how twisted what you just said is


I could, yeah.


I don’t need a break.


This is like first time I see someone scumreading someone else for activity


You aren’t scumreading Hja in the right mind


And I’m not going off this wagon today unless Solic goes on Squid’s or DatBird’s.


Solic is on squids wagon




ah my bad, I had trouble finding the most recent vote count.
/vote Poisoned_Squid


If the lynch target today flips town then I will go after Hjasik tomorrow with a more sound attack.
That I promise.


Not ready to commit to any wagon, yet.


/vote H_Hjasik

can’t bring myself to leave this wagon yet, sadly.


Ok so I gotta sleep since I gotta wake up in less than 6 hour any last questions before I go to bed if not I should be around like 1 hour before end of day




We actually do need more votes on Squid because how lynches work


This is your scumteam?

Soul was scum…


Just want to highlight that Nerbins has still casted zero votes. Just interesting. :eyes:


That is who hasn’t voted at that point in time I think.