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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win



That’s a towntell

I don’t agree with this

And even if that’s the case why is it scummy?



Reccommend voting squid here.


Not really to me.
Scum are more likely to push even faster when pressured.


Hja is town ree


So your reasoning is because I am putting effort into scumhunting
I am scum


why do u think this? Have they done any of their scum tells?


Because we don’t have time to swap to anything else and you are very very likely town


There’s a difference between putting effort into scumhunting and posting at a perplexingly fast speed in order to shift the blame to someone else.
Sorry but I just don’t buy this.


The speed you posted was just TOO fast.


Maxwell your head is up your ass


So you’re scumreading me for high activity?

Like your reasoning here is because I have high activity and content I am scum because scum would be pushy when pressured

And I am putting effort into scumhunting
Did you read my read on squid ?


You are focusing on the most minute of details to make a read

When instead you should be looking at the bigger picture


So that makes me towny right


I’ll face the consequences if DatBird flips scum but I’m not willing to go on his wagon and hammer him without Solic on that wagon because I have less suspicion of Solic trying to deceive me at this point than Geyde.


at this point, with their vote on me after acting like they found scum that no one else found. And with Hjasiks more town signs showing up, I’ll go with it
/vote Squid


No. There’s a good speed town should be pushing at. Your speed was significantly faster than that. It was bafflingly fast, as if you were trying to escape.


Dat’s wagon has two people I don’t consider pure at this point


It’s for that reason I think there has to be one scum in there.
It’s a push scum would want to make since Dat’s ISO is really shit


I have high activity in my games if you didn’t know


1000 posts in d1
Absolutely freaking disgusting


haven’t been effortful in games with hjasik before so I have nothing to compare this to so for that reason I find this to be a scumtell.