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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


also no to the second one


/vote PoisonedSquid
Not sure any other wagon will be able to be formed in time


Like yeah I did but i have no sure way to read them that well, Ici said the same thing about me D1 so it was mutual at least

Like I would if i had the time for future reference any games in particular do you recommend

Can I ask you how I could answer the question of why did you sheep with a scum if you voted first and werent onlined during the scums vote til EoD.

I’m not sure exactly who hasn’t posted ten today but people that may be at risk are @Maxwell, @Margaret, @Nerbins, and maybe myself I have no clue and im not gonna go counting for ya.

Can I ask what SOJ stands for?


scales of justice


oh ok, totally forgot bout that one


You’re right it’s possible I am at risk
I apologize for this inactivity


Thoughts on my reads?


I have come to the conclusion that either you or Hjasik are scum, but I have no idea who it is.


/vote H_Hjasik for now.


That’s a bad conclusion




Not to me. It’s pretty obvious.


was there a particular post or just overall

Town V Town is another option but who knows


To me the chances of TvT are so low as to be completely negligible.


I’ve asked you several times why you think I am scum and you can’t give a concrete answer


You have been to sporadic in your posting.
Way too nervous, pushy, and fast in the concentration of your posts.


That’s like worst read I’ve ever seen


Get off Hja Maxwell


They won’t flip scum


Maybe a bit later.