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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win



But it was going to be what you asked next :wink:

Your next phrase is…
“I really wasn’t going to ask… Maybe a little.”


I really wasn’t going to ask… Maybe a little.




But really what I was going to do was ask Nerbins why they were unwilling to vote
Also Maxwell but I think they unvoted because they didn’t want to quickhammer


@eevee @Icibalus

Who do you think DatBird could be on a scumteam with?


Because their wagon has happened with very little opposition.
Other than Solic but that’s inconsequential because lul they are town


I told them about this problem before


Couldn’t this be explained as them being underconfident town, which is very much how they post as town?



DatBird uses a lot of “think” and “I’m not sure”, but when being supported by a player they start being more confident in their posts.

This was when they were town.

SoJ preroll.

DatBird proposes very little contribution to thread beyond what was directly asked of them from other players.
Moreover, his answers to questions leave much to be desired. Very mechanical responses with little to the imagination.

This was when they were scum.


If he is leaving an impression here with his posts he is undoubtedly town


What do you think about what I quoted?






The context is a response to a question?

It could very well be distancing, given that Soul was already looking bad before that point.
It could also be town actually proposing a read that’s mostly based on the points of others, as his point is bad.

He’s really trying to fit in with this read, but he shows this level of underconfidence to it.
Does it feel mechanical? I don’t think so.


I’m not sure what to think.
There’s a lot telling me TWTBAW

But my brain tells me holy fuck this guy just put a scum at a scumlean, he’s probably town




I hadn’t CFD’d onto Soul by this point.
Dat’s probably town


But he’s obviously distancing Geyde





That’s exactly what I thought