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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


Squid was Ici call.
Nerbins was mine, due to bomb passing analysis.
Margaret was off hook, due to us focusing on DatBird d1 and since normally mafia wouldn’t niegbourhoof mafia, but spread contacts as far as possible to contrll infornation flow.


Ici disagrees about taking her totally of hook, due to it being Margaret the unpredictable btw.


Because there is no wolf motivation in making self more suspicious

How is being tired goes against typical townmindset?

Why is being tired not a good excuse

Why did you feel need to said that you can understand that but still don’t think it’s a good excuse


Now you know how I feel


But I’m not intentionally trying to be obnoxious. :roll_eyes:





Can you say that Squid isn’t going to get modkilled, so she has no shitty reason to keep ignoring me. :eyes:


No one is getting mod killed






Hey, I’m gonna go to sleep soon, but before I do, I’m gonna say some things.


A: Eevee and/or Ici, what’s the situation with the bomb? Does Ici still have it?


And B: Gonna remind everyone that if you didn’t post 10 posts today yet, you have like 8 hours to do so, so get on that.


Vote Count

Datbird-Ici wazza eevee squid-4/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk-2/6

Going to sleep now


I have accurately found the scums


@Firekitten who hasn’t voted
Shit he’s offline






Its because I dont want to?


Was I asking why you didn’t vote