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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


Also I am going to actually read dat


.+ Geyde


Why are celeste,nerbins and squid off list?


There are some people that said being sheep isn’t necessary a scumtell, so that reasoning isn’t valid. As for my other questions, you’re acting like as if my reasoning’s invalid because I voted for what others believe is scum, so I might as well point out that flawed logic


Squid do you have any other scumread? There are 2 left after all.


That you’re sheep




Oh shit, I didn’t mean to make an edit, I’m so sorry


I accidently edited a previous post, do I have to get modkilled because of it?


Ok so first you connected yourself that because I said you’re sheep I automatically scumread you

Then you take back your reasoning that there are some people who said that sheep isn’t necessary a scumtell

Then you say that reasoning for you being scum (wich I didn’t do) is invalid only because someone else said it is?

No I said about you saying that you found someone scummy when talking about main wagon


There’s nothing bad about that and yet you’re acting as if it’s the scummiest shit in the world! It doesn’t even matter anymore as I’m going to get modkilled for a mistake, so why should I bother arguing?


so what’s even going on anymore.


Dunno why you do that

Again can you answer my ISO that’s not my point on you


I’ve been going through it while also arguing with your poor logic, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it anymore with my accidental rule break


And yet you haven’t pointed any of it out?


Can you just please name another scumread?




No you haven’t answered anything from my iso


How can you point out my bad logic without pointing it out?


Because Maxwell at the time was one of my nulls that wasn’t a no poster

I would like an explanation as to why you think this way. During the time I thought Wazza was scum, I was mainly focusing on the typical Townie mindset instead of the Typical Wazza mindset since I haven’t played much FMs on here for a while.

This was for Wazza saying that “I’m acting like this because I’m tired” which to me wasn’t a good excuse at the time.

This isn’t my full on response to Wazza’s games. More specifically, he pointed out two games where I didn’t react to him in a certain way and I thought I wasn’t in one of those games. The official explanation is later down the line although I’m not sure why you ignored that.

Fuck it, here’s my ISO so far cause I need to learn from my previous games that I should step aside if I get pissed off like this. See you in a few hours or so


Can you like not ignore me. :eyes: