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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


That bomb is useless early on and has high chance of killing town.


What’s the point of saying that ?


Tell me why that’s not IIOA


That’s refering to neighborhood chat mostly, towards Ici

I dont think I even posted my PoE at thread.


Would you want to post your PoE in thread


Nothing. Quite literally nothing.


Sounds fun


Despite the mention of a certain detail, there’s nothing added to it. It’s only there to point something out.

It’s kind of odd that there are so many Townreads on this list and only one Scumread. And to be honest, I think Ici’s been also trying to get discussion going, just like in his explanation for Solic. To me, it seems like double standards are involved.

To be honest, readlists aren’t the best way to contribute to the conversation even though they state your opinions or lack of them, depending on the situation. Next, he mentions that he’s not familiar with Ici’s playstyle. Now, I’m not so sure on this seeing as Bird has at least played a few games with Ici before, so I’m sure he would at least have some sort of familiarity with Ici. And if you’re not sure on someone’s playstyle, check a previous Town and Wolf game with them and compare how he acts in the current game. Don’t just take a guess. Now, the next post talking about the change of wolf status: Once again, there’s a claim, but there’s no evidence behind it, making the claim pointless and just filler. On the final post, he doesn’t even explain why he voted the way he did. All he did was apologize which makes me feel like he’s trying to gain sympathy points.

That didn’t answer Wazza’s question, it’s all just a bunch of senseless whining.

From what I can tell, Hjasik isn’t memeing, in fact, I think she’s one of the biggest contributors to this game at the moment.

So is this a method of throwing shade because this is incredibly shadethrowy with no mention of accusing Ici as scum.

This argument is less like an actual argument and more like shifting the blame to someone else on something completely unrelated.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk
/vote Datbird


Then votes main wagon


Vote Count

Datbird-Ici wazza eevee squid-4/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk-2/6


So, are you saying that my reasoning for voting Bird is invalid all because it’s someone on a bigger wagon?


No I never said that


Can you answer my ISO


Then why did you say this? What’s the point of mentioning this in the first place? And I’ll reply to the ISO if you can send me a link to it


You said you found someone scummy despite them being main wagon


Do you have anything else, because that was a very predictable vote.




Once again, what is wrong with that?


As of day 1: Solic/Soul/DatBirb/Maximus


Because you didn’t found someone scummy when they are main wagon