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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


/vote PoisonedSquid


Maybe you can move it with your posts, maybe not.


So is it possible that someone keeps on passing the bomb so they don’t have to pass it to anyone else? I think whoever is doing that could be scum for doing so as whoever they pass the bomb to can show possible scumtells


:woman_facepalming: What is that even supposed to mean?


It’s supposed to mean, direct it to your highest scumread.


The point against you was that you focus too much on bomb placing it as main center of attention and your reads are based on they passed bomb to someone without saying anything


I thought you meant that I can move the bomb by posting which doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, I have to do some reading, so let me get back to you on that


The reason it looks that way is because I haven’t posted at all yesterday since I was busy at that time, apologizes for that. And because of that, a majority of my posts have been focused on that. Funny enough, I’m also the only person that kept talking about it, so how do you feel about that?


I’m talking about your day 1?

How does this correlate if you’re busy you start focusing on who has a bomb??

I felt that’s scummy

Want to answer my big post before?


I can’t fucking do multiple things at once, so just let me do my shit, okay?


@Margaret Hjasik barely spoke in the neighborhood, so I would say it’s a waste of time so far


Vote Count

Datbird-Ici wazza eevee-3/6
Squid-Solic H_Hjaisk-2/6


There’s two votes on me


This is sad


Meant to add that to squid and not maraget


I mean, end of day 2 is a good moment to START thinking about the bomb.

Day 1 people just random thrown bomb at each other and if someone wouldn’t notice it, it would be likely town would die.

Of all people, mafia was much more on guard when game started so it was unlikely they would die to bomb.


Alright, I found someone scummy. Time to do an ISO


How about
You answer my post instead


Bucko, I don’t even remember your post, so be patient


What do you want to say with this post

Also what do you think about squid?


Soul already had most of the votes

Tell me why you said that? When you could have provided reasoning or just voted instead you made an excuse to jump on already on already set wagon.