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[SFM] Luigi Mansion Town Win


Can hardly call it a team anymore if there is only 2 anyways.


Neither actually.

Tho bouncing betwen me and Ici was orginal plan,but trhere was much better way of defusing it.


Shoving it on Soul before he got lynched?

Why would you eliminate the bomb, when that’s a townsided thing to have…?


Repeating this btw. Everybody vote that the hider doesn’t hide this night.


It still exists, is disarmed for now tho.


I’m going to hide behind solic




The end.


You programmed Eevee bot to bounce it back and forth to?


Closest one so far.


The point is that me as of @eevee account had the bomb for past 3 days and 8 hours.


Well I’m done guessing anyways.


You can pass the bomb to yourself to refresh it’s timer.

Your guess about eevee_bot refreshing wasnt bad either, but atm I needed to atop this, cause I’m moving server today.

I sent bomb to Ici till I mount it again (we arranged that), so Ici has the bomb atm.

But in general passing the bomb to yourself, if automated, meana bomb is frozen and will never explode.


Why is this mentioned

This doesn’t sound like honest hunting at all

What is this even for here

You asked him to give you game in wich he acted certain way and this is how you respond to it

You made these reads and don’t vote on them??? It’s like you don’t care about getting him lynched only getting your read here for sake of it.

Why would you ask that when he already said why he didn’t accept that in addition you didn’t continue this topic so this is just a post for sake of activity

I just don’t see this coming from town mindset

Yes at this point you left your push on waz fade away and focus on who has bomb

I’m trying to create a town mindset in wich someone would write this post
And I can’t

Same as before what the point of saying this

So instead of scumhunting
We focus on who has the bomb again

You ask same question 3 times in 1 post

Again this has no town motivation to be here

Lots of text no point

Yes that was just said
Why would you say it again

It’s like you don’t even care about his aligment
But only about situation of bomb

That’s obvious

Really?(same points as before)

This isn’t continues with anything???

Yes what is this post achieving again?

You obviously don’t think that was a hammer or you would stop posting

Most of your reasoning goes into they passed bomb without saying anything that’s scummy
They said that they dont want to sacrifice them self for town gets scummy

You haven’t taken any strong opinion and always add “slightly scummy” and neither have you voted


I can answer this nothing. I sent one message about the title of the chat but other than that neither of us have said anything


/vote @PoisonedSquid


Can y’all stop fucking pinging me? I’m catching up on all the posts I’ve missed


Also you have 0 interaction with soul both ways


And also, for the bomb scumreading strategy, please explain to me how I can do that if nobody knows who has the bomb


Can actually confirm that this is a possibility. Seems so busted. :roll_eyes: