[SFM] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Golden Wind Forum Mafia- Enemy Stand Users Win!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Mafia

Hosted by @DatBird and @Geyde. @Shurian as VC Bot

Rules and Punishments

Standard FOL/FM Rules

Rule Punishment
Don’t Cheat Don’t discuss the game outside of the thread under ANY circumstances.
Quoting game pertinent info Outside of Main Thread Will be punished severely.
Inactivity Prods will be issued out after 24 hours of inactivity. 12 hours after this you may be force replaced. Notify mod in case this cannot be met for any reason.
Intentional Angleshooting Heavy offense.
Unintentional Angleshooting Will be punished. This applies to pinging a player in thread to be active when knowing they are online.
Announcing intention to sub out in the main thread The literal opposite of okay. Will be punished SEVERELY.
Talking to Game Host in Thread / Related Chats Do not do it, as you will not get a response.
Talking to Game Host through PMs Do this.
Quoting Private Communications Even if it is fabricated, this is strictly against the rules. This includes copy pasting mod messages. Paraphrasing is allowed.
Reporting Discussing substitutions is considered unintentional angleshooting. Don’t discuss infractions of these rules, but you may report infractions in your role card.
On the Fence Don’t try to skate the line between bending the rules.

General Mechanics

  • Actions are done by messaging in your class card
  • Enemy Stand Users/Mafia members will talk through a special Discord server or forum page.
  • There will be both logs and flips.
  • Starting from Day 2, ITAs will be enabled called Stand Barrages They have a base 15% chance to hit, unless stated otherwise. To use one type /ITA Player or /Stand Barrage Player or /shoot Player and ping me
  • The host has a right to remain silent regarding any questions about the setup, passives, etc to stop angle shooting.
  • If anything broken is ever found, I shall fix it regardless of your complaints.
  • Bleeding, Poisoned, Injured are all interchangeable and will inform you how many days you have to live.

General Scheduling

  • Rolecards will be sent out within a day of the game filling. Confirmations will be done in the rolecards only.
  • The game will start both once all players have ‘checked in’ and the Danganronpa FM game has concluded
  • Phases will be 48/24.
  • Lynches will be Majority & Plurality
  • Players should post at least 10 times per day phase. If this cannot be met for a particular reason, the mod should be informed in your role PM. Prods will be sent out in rolecards.

Game Specific Mechanics

  • This game is not bastard.
  • There are slight bastard elements.
  • There is no conversion.
  • This game is not multiball.
  • There may be neutrals.
  • There are no vanilla roles
  • There may or may not be anti-claim mechanics.
  • Your starting Neighborhood that you may be in may contain players of different alignments
  • Reasonable Action Resolution will be used to handle disputes on the same tier in Natural Action Resolution.
  • All flavor is not Alignment Indicative. Try to flavor solve at your own risk.
  • Only investigative roles and abilities will have feedback (such as being roleblocked / redirected) unless explicitly stated otherwise. They will not know who they were redirected to.
  • There is the requiem stand arrow in play, it will power you up. Every character has their own version of using it and gets new/expanded powers due to it. You can use it at any point once you retrieve it and it does not stop you from using other abilities during that day/night phase. People will be notified when a requiem stand is activated. You cannot pass the arrow to anyone else unless you die. When you die if you are holding the arrow if one person killed you, they get the arrow, but if you die by a lynch. A random person who was voting you will receive the arrow


This is a closed setup game.

JoBros are the good faction. Their goal is: Defeat all the Enemy Stand Users
Enemy Stand Users are the evil faction. Their goal is: Gain Majority over the JoBros
Neutrals, if any are present, will be assigned their own win condition not listed here

Example Rolecard

Jotaro Kujo

JoBro, Other, Dolphin Expert

Dolphins…. WAIT Kakyoin why do you have an egg.

Star Platinum (Passive): Every time someone makes a dolphin joke or says Ora Ora. Your ITA chance will increase by 5%. But if anyone starts talking about bad dads your ITA chance goes to 0%

Star Finger (Day): Poke target player. They will be informed they were hit by the Star Finger. (infinite uses)

STAR PLATINUM THE WORLD (Day): Stop the game for 5 seconds. Anyone who posts in those five seconds will be ORA Ora’ed right out of the game. (10 uses)

Research (Night): Learn if the target player is a Dolphin. If they are you will see their whole class card (infinite uses)

Take Care of Daughter (Night): Take care of your Daughter (0 uses)

Star Platinum Requiem (Day/Night): if you hold the requiem Arrow, and use it on yourself, Star Finger can now be used 3 times a day. STAR PLATINUM THE WORLD now only works for 3 seconds. This doesn’t prevent you from using other day/night abilities if used. Otherwise, the arrow goes to your killer or a random lyncher if you hold it upon death. (Only useable with requiem arrow)

Defeat Enemy Stand Users


  1. SirDerpsAlot
  2. Marshal - Died Day 2 Diavolo and King Crimson
  3. Arete - Died Day 1 Bruno Buccellati and Sticky Fingers
  4. Poisonedsquid - Died Day 3 Trish Una and Spice Girl
  5. Luxy and Kai_5
  6. TrustworthyLiberal
  7. Possessed - Died Day 2 Scollippi and Rolling Stones
  8. Eevee - Died Night 1 Squalo and Clash
  9. Boss110 - Died Night 2 Pesci and Beachboy
  10. PokemonKidRyan
  11. Lastday3312 - Died Day 3 Illuso and Man in the Mirror
  12. Astand - Died Night 2 Ghiaco and White Album
  13. Hippolytus - Died Day 3 Rissoto Nero and Metallica
  14. Jgoesgaming - Lynched Day 2 Sale and Kraftwork
  15. Italy
  16. Universal - Died Night 1 Guido Mista and Sex Pistols
  17. ~~Hock3yforlif322 -> Icibalus ~~ - Lynched Day 3 Panocotta Fugo and Purple Haze
  18. Nuclear_Rehab - Died Day 1 Giorno Giovanna and Gold Experience
  19. supermegagirl818 -> Shurian - Died Night 1 Leone Abbacchio and Moody Blues
  20. Insanity - Lynched Day 1 Coco Jumbo and Mr. President
  21. Memesky - Died Day 2 Leaky Eye Luca and SPQR Shovel
  22. Evil Ginger
  23. snoromlol - > Zone_Q11 - Died Night 3 Melone and Baby Face
  24. Kyle20 - Died Night 1 Tiziano and Talking Head
  25. Loser-> HTM - Died Day 2 Jean Pierre Polnareff and Silver Chariot
  26. Limestone - Died Night 1 Narancia Ghirga and Aerosmith
  27. Mist1422 - Died Night 3 Prosciutto and the Grateful Dead
  28. BlueStorm -> Sulit -> NinjaPenguin - Died Day 3 Cioccolata and Green Day
  29. Emilia - Died Day 2 Secco and Oasis


  1. Discobot


  1. orangeandblack5
  2. Firekitten
  3. MaximusPrime


D1 Arete Already Assassinated
D1 Giornos Theme stops playing
EOD1 Who kills a Turtle? U Monsters
SOD2 A Bloodbath of Scum and Town
D2 Marshal is the BOSS?
D2 Rip the Fate of Death
D2 Leaky Eye Memesky Crys in the Sky
D2 Dat confirmed Neut?
D2 Is that an Arrow?


Game begin roughly around 2019-12-20T14:00:00Z but wont start until I give the official go!


On a Peaceful Italian night, 29 or so Stand Users suddenly gathered in the roman coliseum. None knew why they went there, but felt the urge, the need to be in this location at this night. Some traveled in groups, some traveled alone. They came in from all directions. In the middle of the stage was a man, who looked dressed out of the late 1800s.


“Hello friends, I have no clue where I am or what I’m doing. I suddenly woke up here and was told to read this card.”

He reaches into his left coat pocket, and pulls out an envelope that he quickly opens. He reads it out loud

clears throat

You all have been chosen for a game. Some of you have been offered 10 billion if you can remove of the rest of you. Some of you may not have been invited but you still showed anyway. And some of you need to fight with you strength and wits to remove those that want you gone. It is 2019-12-20T14:25:00Z the sun will set in 48 hours 2019-12-22T14:25:00Z. In the meantime find your traitors or kill the others, me and Robert here will watch from the sidelines. There will be a public kill decided by you today that will happen at Sundown no earlier. Begin after I call each one of your names

@Luxy and @Ami



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Game Begins now


First actual non-meme post.
Pleasure to be here, I LOVE my role and I’m excited.

Vote Memesky


Ha, PKR, I beat you to first post

H Y P E!!!

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Nice crosspost

/vote PKR


This is probably my favourite role I’ve had, since joining these forums.
To say I’m hyped is an understatement.

is it a retri?

Yes and no.
It’s a retri-doctor.

My name’s that dude from LOTR FM.

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:newspaper_roll: No rolefishing! Bad Derps!

not rolefishing, joke about LOTRFM

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Oh…… I’m trying to forget about that game tbh


Ps, this is my one meme post for the day just to please y’all.
I am not going to claim jic of anti-claim and I am worried as to some things in the OP

All of this needs discussing asap.

I mean, we don’t have much to go off on besides mechanics, but why do you think they’re so important to talk about?

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Skrrt skrrt
I see me
I see you
all see you

Poetry nerds

  1. no discussinng that, who fucking knows what that is

  2. Neutrals are cool, not confirmed but meh

  3. Dont claim 4head

  4. This is self explanitory?

  5. Why tf does this need discussing pkr

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