[SFM] [Interest Check] Insurgency: Treason in Jugdral -- FE 4/5 Three-Phased Mash -- Interest Check


Hey everyone,

For those who are unaware, DatBird and I are working on designing a Fire Emblem 4/5 Mash. We’re aiming for around 35 or so players and the setup won’t be 100% closed but our aim is to make it as closed as possible while also being decisively not bastard.

If it wasn’t already entirely obvious, this game will spoil the entirety of Fire Emblem 4 and 5, just as a warning.

The game will take place across three phases; the first phase is Fire Emblem 4 Generation 1, the second phase is Fire Emblem 5, and the third phase is Fire Emblem 4 Generation 2. It is yet to determine what will trigger change of phases and if the conditions that lead to a phase change will be revealed, but what we do know is that when the phases change, for those alive, your alignment will stay the same, but you will get a new classcard and your class type and some or all of your abilities could be entirely different. We will ensure that the game ends in the third phase though as this is going to be a very lore loyal game (in which the conflict doesn’t end until the end of FE4).

Even though DatBird and I would like around 35 players, we’re unsure if we’ll be able to get that many. If we’re not going to get that many, we’ll need to plan for a game with less.

This game should be completed in design phase by Christmas and set to run by late January or early February. If you’re interested in playing and will be free around that time to start, please notify us as such in a reply in this thread.

Max and Dat

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aggressively vibrates





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in what way?

We can design a game with 30 25 or even 20; but we’d prefer 35 and we just want a general idea in advance as to what we’ll be planning for

Why the collosal playercount?

Also I typically don’t commit to games much in advance, so neutral stance here.

FE 4/5 are far more grandiose in scope and scale than the rest of the Fire Emblem games. It’s hard to describe if you’re unfamiliar with them.

With a three-phased mash where all classcards completely change at two different points for players alive in the game, we felt that it was best to prefer a colossal player count so that we could include more of the integral characters to these games.

As I said though, we’re just trying to get a gist of how many people will be interested in game. We can design a setup with less players (down to half at the very least I’d say) but we’re just trying to get an idea in advance how many players might enter so that we don’t spend dozens of hours desiging a setup that won’t work based on the player count.

I’m going to interpret your on-the-fencedness as a yes for balancing purposes, just fyi.

If you change classcards, you could include 105 characters with 35 players. :thinking:

Yes lol and even that does not get through all the important characters from FE4 Gen 1, FE4 Gen 2, and FE5.

As I said, those games are extremely grandiose.

If it’s so much, why not just take one of the games instead?

I don’t know how 35p fills

i mean 30 or 25 works
Alice got 30

Not in a good way imo, but meeh it’s just an opinion :man_shrugging:

Because we want it to do it as one big story
And also since FE5 takes place right in between FE4 Gen 1 and FE4 Gen 2 time wise, it does not make much sense to take just FE4 or FE5 lore wise.

This might be offensive, but Alice has experience and more connections. From my perspective, this will be your first game roughly.

Of course I know this
Which is why datbird and I are allotting at least a month if not more for the review phase.

tfw your best game was a bastard game