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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


He should be a real neutral killer, and not able to side with town that ruins the game


RA Wazza, you did a good job.

You’ve successfully not killing yourself effectively N2 ;-;


He have no night immunity to his killing


He still is, he have no ability to help town whatsoever


:smiling_imp: So the quicklynchee becomes the quicklyncher :smiling_imp:

I had to, to keep Wazza loyal. It was clear from his posts that he just wanted the game to end as fast as possible. Satisfying that request ensured he stayed on my side and he had the most powerful night abilities at that moment.


How do you expect a town win if the Neutral Killer wasn’t designed to side with whomever? It was literally 8 to 8 day 1 with 1 town killer and 1 town cop spawn and 2 KPN and a bastard mechanic granting the last Illuminati his own factional kill.

It’s not like you guys put in that much effort to have the “NK” side with you.

Just going to post this in public chat too.

If NK would be a “true NK”, you’d probably need to add like 4 or 6 more town.


Tfw, they are all evil.


I think only Illuminati bomber could bomb himself.



Do you have a list of actions?


I am busy at the moment, but I will send the spreadsheet indefinitely



Do keep in mind that this link will be removed in case I host a game like this again.


Wow, OTB has been my hero it seems. I guess he receives no protected feedback or he wouldn’t have been so skeptical of me. Sam had it out for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


you do realize you can just make a copy if you do another one right


it won’t share with the same people


plus deleting the link doesn’t actually do anything

they can come back to that document at any time through the recent files in google docs



I agree.


RA Note:

RA is to OP but I like how I can choose my abilities.
Make RA a Neutral Killer class with no Vest and make the Vest a mod armor choice.


But what we made is that RA has to pick a side, if that side wins, they win, if that side loses, they lose.