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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


Can I also say actually, and no one else seemed to notice this, despite not being in this game as I was just watching. @WazzaAzza, you went deep into angleshooting territory, claiming Luxy was scum because no actions have been taken by them since all actions seemed to happen in European time zone. I really wanted to interfere and warn you about this even though wasn’t in game, because this argument is always a bad argument, as well as a dirty tactic at times in FM games. You were lucky that he was scum however. Never try anything like this again because activity is NAI, and the host could have made an rng action if they were warned in advance that (no matter good or evil) in order to keep the flow of the game going and avoid angleshooting techniques like this.


legally I didn’t know, I just needed to get someone else out for my solo win which I gave up on

Dividing attention from someone who I thought was scum.


Angleshooting is illegal in all FM games, no matter what. It just seemed like no one else decided to warn you and not even Frost, so I just decided to give you a heads up cuz as I said, this pretty much was angle shooting territory and just want to make sure you remember for next time, that’s all. Since this is online and you can’t hear my voice, sorry if this sounds like I’m mad or something, but I promise you I’m not. The tone is supposed to be neutral since I was just an onlooker and just wanted to warn you, that’s all~


Sorry then, I did not know.


I could have puppeted luxy but I forgot. Yeah angleshooting is possible, and sometimes it’s unavoidable, but publicly stating is frowned upon.

I was hoping you’d side with mafia after lol


I cant believe you’ve done this :^)


honestly thought you were illuminati so


Well he wasn’t.
No NSF was.
Even though Isaac MIGHT HAVE WELL BEEN


In hindsight the best play would have been bombing nerbins or myself


@Solic you monster. You quicklynched me!


You and baz were dumb for not pushing wazza with me


I was offline


Hmm I wonder how wazza won, I mean all he had was clealing kill, Night Immunity, Werewolf Attack, and Didn’t have to win on his own.


In addition, he also had, Mod angleshooting people, and Infinite Attacks


WeLl GeE wHiLlIkErS mR. bRaIx.
mAyBe FaKeClAiMiNg ThE sUrViVoR tHaT cAn KiLl wAsN’t A gOoD iDeA.


Can’t argue with that though.


You should’ve assumed he would be town sided, though.
That’s what happened in the last trashfire game.


But yeah RA WAS too OP.


Yes, but then get rid of his night immunity


I agree.