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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


Worth a shot, no love lost right?


All I can say is

Watching solic at the beginning of the game triggered so many flashbacks to earlier games

PTSD at its finest


I literally either self destruct, get killed early, or survive till end game





Me getting visited that isnt a kill is REALLY rare


Oh nvm




Still I’m glad I had no mercy for the Illuminati because i never got to see them flip the peasants.


Also we got the worst Illuminati roles

Two cops and one enforcer LOL


What? I thought Braixen was 900 IQ UNACTO fakeclaiming Neutral. :frowning:


Jesus Christ

Thats bad.


:wink: I only tunneled you once and you were scum there too.


Not just on me

On every RVS ever

It’s good to have you back.



Cops: Oh hey! I found a Mafia but… cant out them since Ill die to RA immediately after…

Enforcer: Oh hey! Someone got bombed!
Bomber gets killed
Enforcer: Fucckk


It’s me

Ya boi

The boy who boys


I only killed who I Solic told me to… apart from you, you just kinda deserved it.


I think town would have no chance if we hadn’t used Wazza as a weapon by the way. We just got lucky with his slot siding with us.


There were literally 8 scum day 1.


Unatco only won because of you, I’m proud of you.


Oh and Solic for pinging me.