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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


I wanted alone win but I was like but I’d have to wait 72 hours for day to endddd ughhhhhhh


Formal Marl push from which he quickly backtracked after having some heat on him for it. Also the first pressure he got during the game from my memory.


But at least it was kind reasonable. Both Illuminati and NSF wanted hang Rogue Agent. KEK


Don’t you dare give Marl any credit for this win please. :roll_eyes:


Yeh, Sam kinda screwed it because he was kinda right, I WAS PLANNING ON BECOMING A SCUM… for myself…


Nah, Marl did a lot.


Marl killed himself.


Whoops, I kinda new he was town but blame Solic not me.


However solic carried the game tbh


Yeh he did honestly… but some misplays, I just followed him instead of my gut honestly.


mainly because I didn’t want to be lynched


I’m disappointed in @Sam17z @bazingaboy tbh

Their claim sucked





Who was the Illuminati again,

I just woke up and my brain is fried rn.


The Errors except one


Ahh, gotcha




I even said that RA could win with UNATCO

*Kills me


Time to come clean, I killed you because I thought you’d get the most visits because you’re, well, Margaret.



I never get visited lol