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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


Have to get off my raging alcoholism for Wine.


Lies must be made with sprinkles of truth


By the way, does anyone else know how I knew Luxy was evil?


Yeah, I’m reading through it now. That’s legit gamethrowing.








I can’t exactly tell him to stop


I get MVP.
I found NSF leader.


I killed 3/3 illuminati and got 1/4 NSF pushed on.


I stand by my read on you though. I guess I know your meta better now though.


I was very UNATCO and I’m kinda salty about it.


wasn’t your read wrong tho


Also can I get invited to the scum chat of hell again?


I’d scumread anyone again that would post like this in this scenario.


I only trusted Solic because they pinged me at the start of the game about the OMGUS.

If it wasn’t for that one ping, I wouldn’t of sided UNATCO, hope y’all are happy.


So your read was wrong


Ew, Neutral siding with Town, disgusting. :rage:


I guess I knew what happened to all the troopers now though. :smiley:


what did you read him as scum for again


So literally @Marluxion caused UNATCO to win by OMGUS’ me… even if they killed themself on my target.