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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


/vote Baz @Frostwolf103

This revelation should change nothing to be honest.


Vote Count

Accused Voters Count
Bazingaboy Overthebin - Solic 2/3

You’re not wrong since nothing happened.


/vote Baz

Your fate has decided it’s own future, goodbye. :hammer: @Frostwolf103


Also Solic, Frost just made a mod-error LOL


Can’t wait to tell everybody after this game.


Let’s see the conclusion I guess.


You were asking if’s so that doesn’t matter


Also they put that 3 days ago.


Bazingaboy is NSF Bomber

UNATCO and Rogue Agent are victorious!


Your welcome, now for some funny moments I had with this mod thing.


Also can we see everyones roles?


I expect a lot of angry people from deadchat.


We only lynched evils thanks to me.


Well Luxy, that’s like it.


You literally show no mercy to Illuminati


Day defile and cleaned logs makes everything so confusing. I wonder what everyone was then if Baz is Bomber? :thinking:


Geyde was town. Omg.


WazzaAzza would have been Darth Vader in Rogue One if he chooses himself.


Meme from dead chat

Solic tunnels pkr the correct town, while also defending luxy.


sup folks :smiley: