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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


Okay I am going to be honest here: Did you notice there’s new mechanic I forgot to mention?


*appeared from nowhere

You mean, the Host is in fact Illuminati and they have to lynch him as well?





The fuck?


What is this sorcerery? :eyes:


This is new?


Give us a hint. :eyes:


When there’s last Illuminati/NSF remaining, they have the ability to use faction kill on their own.

But that’s why I wanted 18 players in the first place.


All NSF are dead though. Unless you mean a town Illuminati gains a faction kill cause why not? :eyes:


Makes no difference. It’s the same for either NSF or Illuminati faction.


Wait what, Illuminati has a factional kill of their own?


This is the means of last resort.


Since the start of the game???


No not exactly, if one member remains - then the mechanic is activated.


Oh and one more thing.


God help us


The Rogue Agent can decide where his wincon takes him.

Being able to help a faction or his own.


This was already since the start of the game like this?


When the choice is made, yes.


Not mid-game or late-game.

But since the beginning where their loyalty lies.