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SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory


OTB claims to have defused Marl day 2 and Marl did confirm it. There is not really much to say about his reads, because they are almost non existent or not involving Illuminati.

Illuminati Defuser cannot kill and we had 2 deaths this night. Fakeclaiming it would be extremely risky having it be a gambit on Eevee having to have defused Marl the night he died and Agents being able to see that he fakes his claim. It would also not really benefit him to do so as he’d be more “confirmed” if he doesn’t fake it.

I have a greencheck on OTB night 2, so the only way this could happen and OTB still be Illuminati is if Isaac tailored OTB. Isaac would in this scenario only have OTB left as ally, so it is not out of the realm of possibility, but in this scenario I would also see Isaac forgetting or not having time to use the ability. (he’s too noob :wink:)


/vote Baz @Frostwolf103


Vote Count

Accused Voters Count
Bazingaboy Solic 1/3




It’s a brand new day to hunt some scum! :eyes:


I’ll ping you too, because it is lylo after all. Maybe you will convince me.


i have a feeling solic is illuminati. /vote solic he wasnt targeted by anyone so far


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Accused Voters Count
Bazingaboy Solic 1/3
Solic Overthebin 1/3


/unvote @Frostwolf103


You what? :eyes:

First of all, I pushed Braixen hard, who is 100% Illuminati after fakeclaiming Rogue Agent and 4 mafia flips that were not Braixen.

I am confirmed Specialist, since I saw Nerbins as NSF and there were 2 deaths this night. One from Wazza as expected and another one on Ragna due to Illuminati, so there is literally no way that I’m Illuminati.

I am still alive, because I kept asking for heals likely.


Can you unvote before I get possibly quickhammered?


I’m going to be a bit pissed if you lose the game for town here with this…, so let’s discuss. It’s LYLO after all.

Why do you townread Baz and scumread me?


this seems really forced. and screams LAMIST.

this doesnt prove you’re not illuminati.

when did i townread baz?


tbf bazinga has questionable posts ngl


Yes you’re going to find a LAMIST post in my like 700 posts.

It does. All NSF are dead. Two Illuminati out of three have died: Braixen and Isaac, so there is one Illuminati left. Only Illuminati Trooper and Professor can kill, since I am confirmed Specialist by finding Nerbins, it is not me, it is Baz.

THEN UNVOTE ME NOW. This is the endgame, if they quickhammer of your vote, we have lost. Like the fuck you’re doing man. @overthebin


/vote bazinga


What did you do at night? I want to be sure that it’s Baz.


Vote Count

Accused Voters Count
Bazingaboy Overthebin - Solic 2/3


guarded you. which makes me suspect you since no one wanted to aim you. you have a red target at your back imo.


You know that I told you to guard Gamer on the night that he died right? :roll_eyes:


/vote Baz @Frostwolf103


vote count updated.



A juicy hammer is waiting. Final Illuminati should be Baz and game should end.