[SFM] Deus Ex 3: Enemy Within - NSF Wins!

Welcome to Deus Ex Forum Mafia game Enemy Within 3

It has been eleven months since the defeat of local NSF Cell (National Secessionist Forces) and second group of Illuminati conspirators with help of unlikely friend from UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorism Coalition), however the situation worldwide hasn’t improved since then.

By four months ago, UNATCO has been working tirelessly to ensure security and prosperity within developed countries outside what is left of Northern America that has been divided by National Secessionist Forces still waging war against the upper-class that has ruled United States of America through iron fist and leaving middle-class and low-class caste to succumb to plague that ravaged across United States of America – what is left of it anyway

By nearly one month before present day, new UNATCO headquarters have been built on Paris underground where Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris once stood consumed by fire second time in history, this underground bunker is also meant to safeguard against the plague of Gray Death that also spread across Europe.

Present Day, we received word that that a terrorism cell National Secessionist Forces found out base of operations from UNATCO on Paris and launched fierce but short-lived assault hoping to steal cure from Gray Death to give to the poor and wretched souls, unfortunately we found out charred bodies we cannot identify and fear the worse, we got Enemy Within.



Day Hours will be 48 hours long in exception Day 1 that takes 24 hours long until End of Day

Night Hours will be 24 hours long

Actions and forum mafia questions will be done by messaging me

NSF have Private chat while Illuminati does not

All dead players will talk through a Forum PM

When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it.


To accuse someone say /Accuse [Player] or /Vote [Player] in bold with pinging my name @Frostwolf103 by typing @ Frostwolf103, this way I can keep track on the votes.

The most votes of majority ends the day with immediate lynch of the accused. They are allowed to say their final word before execution begins.

This game use majority vote without plurality (ex. 16 players alive requires 9 votes on one person to lynch and end the day)

Special mechanics

  1. This is multi-ball game with three factions (UNATCO = Town, NSF = Mafia, Illuminati = Cult)

  2. Only one scum faction can convert

  3. Only one scum faction can use faction kills

  4. All classes have limited uses of their actions rather than unlimited.

  5. To compensate the limited uses, an unlimited use ability called Op Bonus allow the player to replenish someone’s ability to full capacity, in the past two games it belong to UNATCO Chief but this time it will be distributed to random player.

  6. It is possible to take away Op Bonus and keep it for yourself by either attacking the player or be the first voter and successfully lynched the player holding Op Bonus in order to obtain for yourself.

  7. X-shot uses will not be replenished from Op Bonus

  8. Feedback will be shown to all classes with few exceptions that will be minimized

  9. Bomb game mechanic no longer notify the player that got bomb on them, instead publicly announces the bomb has been planted. It will not announce when it’s disarmed.

  10. New classes are introduced and current classes are reworked

  11. Illuminati members will not know each other once converted

  12. It is possible for Illuminati to establish private chat, however it is not guaranteed

  13. Illuminati members flip to their color rather than UNATCO’s or NSF’s counterparts.

  14. This game can be signed up with 16 players, 20 players will scale up the balance.

To Join

To join, simply express in joining by saying something like /I want to join or /join or /in or /sign me up, coach. You must type it in bold.


[Role list closed!]

Player List

1: KyoDaz
2: SirDerpsALot
3: BlueStorm
4: Magnus
5: JakeTheWolfie Sulit
6: Nerbins
7: WazzaAzza
8: Italy
9: Hippolytus
10: DatBird
11: H_Hja
12: Astand
13: Teleology
14: Geyde
15: Lastday3312
16: Isaac_Gonzalez




Day 1 starts
Day 1 Vote Count 1/3
Day 1 Vote Count 2/3
Day 1 Vote Count 3/3 & EoD
Day 2 Vote Count 1/3
Day 2 Vote Count 2/3
Day 2 Vote count 3/3 & EoD
Day 3 vote count 1/3
Day 3 EoD
Day 4 Vote Count 1/3


Some charee unknown bodies

/spectate will in depending on when it begins

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I will work on it, it doesn’t have to start immediately when it’s full

/interested in having that first slot

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enemy within 3

i remember enemy within 1 when it was an unannounced bastard game i think

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Illum /in ati

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I learn from mistakes I swear :kissing:

no it was just a joke to the time that the illuminati won bc town had no idea what was going on and we had marl who was outed unacto illuminati leader xD

apparently “illuminati” isn’t a word that exists yet “yeet” is??

Capital letter i

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Can Illuminati be part of NSF?

Are there neutrals?

I can’t reveal more info than what is written on OP, rest assured there will be no unpleasant surprises that is bastard

o damn u right


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I wanna say no but
Gotta keep the streak going how am I going to lose for my team this time

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lmao weren’t you illuminati with me+marl in the first game where we just cucked everyone over bc marl powerwolfed as outed unacto leader


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