[SFM] Candlelight [The Beasts Achieve Victory]

Candlelight, A Closed SFM.



Public Mechanics

Candlelight:Town has 200 hours of day. Once it goes out, the Beasts are unleashed. It goes into permanent night. Until either
A. The Beasts Are Killed
B. The Humans Are All Dead/The Beasts are unable to be killed
Lynches are Majority and day ends upon lynch.
Beasts every time they directly kill someone get an upgrade, what the upgrade entails is secret to the Humans, if a beast becomes fully upgraded, they become unleashed.


lol no


  1. Arete
  2. Marshal
  3. JakeTheWolfe
  4. Kyle20
  5. Eevee
  6. Wazza
  7. Squid
  8. DatBird
  9. Universal
  10. Possessed
  11. Joker (Geyde)
  12. Centuries
  13. Hippo
  14. Derps
  15. Diggity
  16. PKR

Are you brave enough to face the darkness?

god fucking damn it


I don’t understand


what don’t you understand

8 days then permanently night?

while you were worrying about silly things like ‘mechanics’ and ‘rules’ I was securing slot number 1

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town only has 200 hours for the whole game if the hours are all used up the beasts win

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see Airship Zepphrion for example of this

Link please

once the day ends lets say the day was 12 hours then it gets subtracted


then you get 188 hours

day ends with majority lynch, will add to OP

if all hours are consumed the beasts win

Does it go right into D2 or are their night phases

it is not nightless

So the Beasts don’t know what about them has been upgraded? How does that even work?

the Humans don’t know what the upgrades are but the beasts know


thats hawt