Seven Kingdoms - Sign-Up Thread

Long ago, there once lived a King who had ruled his land with great power and sincere care for his people. Alongside him were seven sons who would one day obtain the same power as he did. The eldest was a natural born leader and a skilled sword wielder. The second eldest was known for many victories in combat tournaments and easily the strongest out of his siblings. The third eldest was average in anything one could think of. The middle child, although ignored by his parents, studied the art of statecraft and became a well-established diplomat. The third youngest had high interest in the arts and the views of his image. The second youngest was obsessed with weaponry and addicted to the bloodshed of war. Finally, the youngest son had hatred towards his siblings and wanted to prove he can do anything by himself.

On one fateful night, the king had suddenly passed away, leaving his children with equal share of his fortune. The eldest had suggested that him and his younger brothers could continue the legacy of their father by ruling their empire together. However, almost everyone else disagreed with his proposal for their own self-interest and formed their own kingdoms. Now, there is on-going tension between the seven kingdoms and it’s only a matter of time before another war begins to brew. When that happens, whose side will you be on?

Welcome to Seven Kingdoms, an RP hosted by none other than @Kai_5 and @PoisonedSquid! This RP will be hosted on Discord on a server (Link will be at the bottom of this post). In this RP, your characters will be a part of one of the seven kingdoms, fighting for the king of said selected kingdom. Each character’s stats in combat, diplomacy, and leadership will be determined by one 10 sided die each at the time of character creation. Other than that, your character’s personality and alignment will be completely up to you. Although each channel for each kingdom starts off with the throne room and overall lands, the players can suggest new areas to be formed to make the experience better. There is no maximum amount of players, so anyone who wishes to join will be able to do so. If there are any questions about the RP, please let me or Kai know, and remember, have fun! :smiley:

Kingdoms and their Rulers

Versja - Ruled by Julius Mathers, the eldest son
Rhodia - Ruled by Alendras Mathers, the youngest son
Larian - Ruled by Egil Mathers, the second eldest son
Kerie - Ruled by Butrus Mathers, the middle child
Cumania - Ruled by Lysan Mathers, the third eldest son
Oria - Ruled by Draxiel Mathers, the second youngest son
Turized - Ruled by Rosender Mathers, the third youngest son

Discord Link:

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