Seperate "Neutral Killer" From the "Neutral" Category

So, why? Well, for one, Neutral Killer is most associated with being Evil and only rolls in one slot. Why can’t we have Neutral Killers that aren’t meant to murder everyone? Because then the game would be unbalanced.

My suggestion:

Make a new icon called “Psychopathic”

(It’s an icon that goes next to the class name)

Only Psychopathics can roll in the “Neutral Killer” slot

  • Allows for Neutral Killers that aren’t Standard Neutral Killers
  • Allows for Psychopathic Killers that have different ways of killing that would classify them not as a Killer.
  • Allows for use of all 6 class types in Neutral instead of just 5.


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  • Investigation results that use faction would be significantly more effective against NK’s. Or in the event that an exception is made for faction checks would be significantly less intuitive due to ALL (or at least most) faction checks needing to have this exception and thus would need to specify causing a lot of clutter and confusion.
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I mean, if you get found as Neutral and you haven’t claimed (or worse, you didn’t claim neutral) then you’re dead anyway.

I would suggest that PKs would practically be Neutral, but reclassified. Psychotic could be like a little icon (like Unique, Death Immune, etc) and only Psychotics could roll in the Neutral Killer slot.

While that could work, it wouldn’t be what you proposed here

This is false. In the following scenario that just randomly occurred to me I will explain why this sounds dumb.

Leader Guy:Alright starting from today, we are giving all our spies a tattoo that only SPIES can have, just so we know if one of our guys is a spy.

Smart Person:But if they are caught in the enemy base and are found with the tattoo aren’t they automatically dead.

Leader:Of course, but if they were caught they would die anyway. It’s not like we trained them specifically to be able to lie and get off of these exact scenarios anyway, and it’s not like they signed up to lie to people


Also he’s ignoring that many NK’s will claim neutral

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Make it so all Psychopats appear as Neutrals unless investigated by an invest buffed by CW

If you were found to be neutral in any way, or if your claim doesn’t line up with what you are and people find that out, you will be killed if they can kill you.

You mean by a buffed Observer?

And if/when your claim DOES line up?

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Then you clearly must be what you’re claiming.

NK’s claim neut sometimes. It happens. Having faction checks shut down such claims isn’t something you can just dismiss as irrelevant

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You’re right. NKs can claim Neutral sometimes. NKs also mess with the neutral count sometimes. NKs can also be found as Killer offensive sometimes. NKs can be killed sometimes because you will sometimes look like sellsword or NK sometimes. Sometimes the NK messes with the Neutral count when they do this. Sometimes they die because of neuts out.

Point being there are balance considerations here. There isn’t any reason to nerf NK’s like this just for the sake of a potential Neut/NK that MIGHT exist at some point in the future.

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So what about my other suggestion?

What do you call those icon next to class names anyway?


I already said that approach was fine. It’s just not what the OP is suggesting.

I edited it.


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I think it would be better for new players to understand tbh

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Like 2-3 neutrals not including the NKs and which classes are NK