Scumreading votes

Okay the title is a joke :smile: This thread is really about scumreading votes. I have never seen anyone point this out, but I have found that the last to decide how to vote (exe/pard) is often scum.

ESPECIALLY if it’s obviously confirmed BD who gets pardoned, OR if the accused got executed and flipped as unseen or cult.

ESPECIALLY if they take a long time to vote. Like, they don’t decide how to vote until the very last second. I am talking about voting when someone’s already trial, not accusation-votes.

The explanation is I believe when scum want to vote opposite what the majority seems to be voting, but are waiting till the last second just in case they find any indication that they could get away with voting exe on bd or pard on a scum teammate.

Sadly scum will sometimes avoid being read this way by just abstaining.

Can someone explain what scumreading means?

Scumreading is using social clues, rather than mechanical ones, to figure out who is evil.


How would you do that?

Well, there’s no single guaranteed tell, but a few that may be helpful:

  • When a cultseen member gets executed, or when a cultseen member who was previously on the stand dies some other way, look at the votes, and in particular, who voted them up on the stand. People who did vote to put them on the stand are likely not Cultseen, while people who didn’t vote them up are much more likely to be evil.

  • In general, players who are active and working to get information out are more likely to be BD.

  • Sometimes you can catch evils based on them aggressively defending other evils, but most are smart enough not to be obvious about it.

  • If you’re doing VFR, and someone claims and gives logs before making it onto the stand, people who continue to vote them up are very likely to be evil

  • Players who lead a push on a previously unsuspicious person, who turns out to be Cultseen, are very likely to be BD, or at least to not be Cultseen themselves. This is especially true if they don’t have a mechanical check on that person.

There are obviously various other ways to do that, those are just a few tips that I personally have found helpful.

Obviously, strong Cultseen players can fake any of these.

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What does “Cultseen” mean and where did it come from?

Cultseen means ‘Cult or Unseen.’ Basically, it’s a term for evils who are on a team together – many, though not all, of these tips apply less to the NK (Neutral Killer).


How do you win as a NK?

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Depends which NK, and again there’s obviously no single strategy that works for everyone every time, or else it would stop working. A few general tips:

  • Don’t claim knight or hunter.
  • Your biggest threats are smart, active players, regardless of faction.
  • Try to act as socially BD as possible, so that people will be less suspicious of you.

If you have more questions, you might want to join the Discord – in general, the ToL community is more active there than here, whereas the forum community is more active here.

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My honest answer.

a little Experience
a little social skills

and a whole lot of luck

also yes like arete said you should join the discord


When I played tol, I have found that scum would abstain innocents, flipflopping votes or not, and execute very fast their own partners if it was something like a Sheriff/Princess check.

“Scumreading votes”

Are you a clown? Am I in a circus? Dafuq?

the original title was “ToL’s future and the importance of FooL” but it got edited by a mod

execute very fast their own partners if it was something like a Sheriff/Princess check

i do not find that to be the case

“N1: 13 - UNSEEN!”
>13 is on trial
> 13 posts whatever logs

that’s the most common execution protocol and on this one they usually vote fast on execute

i will be on the lookout for that then

ToL’s future and the importance of FooL
is a great meme

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My counter:
Vote guilty IMMEDIATELY and change if possible near the end.

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haha that’s what I was thinking too

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