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Scum Chat Discussion


Yes because we’re going for the least efficient approach yeah?


My mind is too immature to not point out the double entendre.


Time to teach everyone how to angleshoot

Forum Messages: I would tell you but I dont wanna get banned
Discord: I have a bot that auto checks EVERY discord invite combination and you can manually filter which ones to save, if the chat is legit named Scum Chat or SFoL, ez
AoL Messenger: Just wait until someone gets on by checking their facebook and finding their AoL lololol


What about my secret technique

Yahoo Messenger



just FaceTime everyone



Wut about android users?

I like the Yahoo mesenger plan better


F U G G ‘E M

body seems unclear


Well bye then, I am on an android rn


my secret weapon? not necromancing forums


But the discord one wouldn’t tell you who’s on it without joining and that would get you caught, and it’s not as though you’d put the faction in the server name (I’d hope :sweat_smile:)


Alternate discords exist


Sees title

Did I roll scum again -.O