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Scum Chat Discussion


More specifically… which medium do you feel more comfortable using to converse with your scum teammates?

  • Discord
  • Forum Direct Messages
  • AoL Messenger

0 voters


I can angleshoot all of them so… :woman_shrugging:


Also, who in their right mind uses messenger


AoL Messenger is a joke answer


Celeste didn’t take the joke answer? :thinking:


I can access the forum easier then discord


It’s strange to me to use a different medium than what the game is played upon for the private communication.


Instagram or Facebook are best for scumchat obvs


It’s easier to stick to one medium for these things.


private threads suck for this kind of thing normally but the way discourse works (like a hybrid between discord and a forum) makes it work pretty damn well for it, so yeah
DMs all the way


I actually prefer Discord

Because when I play on mobile it’s easier to navigate between the two chats.

Or to have DMs be a different color. I find myself continually having to check if I am in game or message thread


AoL messenger obv lmao. Who uses discord or the forums lmaoo (/s)


Do not change it to discord :angry:


Ofc Line is the best option.

Same as Telegram /s


Why go for telegram when snail mail is clearly the best option /s


No, pony mail


Just go to the post office and post 3 letters to your 3 individual scumteam members.


Why isn’t the main chat like this either.

Old-fashioned is just better. :thinking:


Why not just make a date for three years out when everyone has the funds to meet at your triangulated location. Then get a hotel and everyone says one sentence. Then the game takes 20 years to complete if lucky


You want to take us to a hotel room and just say one sentence? :eyes: