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SCP FM - Dead Chat


also I now know boss is a gutsy scum

I’ll watch him from now on and pretty sure if he tries to pull any fancy gambits I’ll stop him in his track

after all there’s really a simple way to see if someone is lying about a gambit


Alright we can blame shadow

made this topic public #924


@Firekitten I looked it up here is your original message
1.Accept-Allow boss to know your alignment and for boss to give you his. As well if boss ever dies then you die and you gain a chat together. You also can give up your action twice per game to commute the other person, preventing anyone from visiting (yes I asked if this commute also stops strongmans and apparently it does so YES) however we can’t both commute each other in the same night and apparently I can’t be stopped from performing a commute on someone. (Also twice per night means me and boss share 2 commutes we don’t hve a total of 4)

Boss didn’t edit it you never said that boss would die if you did


what does public mean


Everyone can see it


how do you make a topic public?


oh ok


ask a mod I think


You have to be a mod or something


Was I bad this game


You really didn’t have a voice in thread.


No I didn’t.
All in all I probably missed around 7k messages
This was just a rough past week for me with midterms and I regret joining the game
If I had actually put in the time to try with reads the foundation may have had a chance.


I was being metaphorical.
You spoke, but you didn’t speak enough per se.

This is spot on.


Oh man why didnt I ignite nucc


He wouldn’t have died


Boss then would have known he was death immune


Fair enough



I am salty and sad and angry and mad


His role was actually super scummy in context of the game.