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SCP FM - Dead Chat


I’ve explicitly made it to do that.


Damn boss is about to be baited so hard here


Wazza is about to hand nuke the win



However y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. My wall literally said that IF I DIED BOSS WOULD HAVE ALSO DIED, there’s zero reason he should have been cleared there. As well, even if I did clear them they still decided to kill me so I didn’t cause the damage to the town losing this game. Y’all lost it by not deciding to literally read my wall. Also mercenary was only cleared if boss was town.

@poisonedsquid don’t join another game unless you are sure you can play it in, it is getting to a point where you can’t just join every game you see because it looks fun.

@lightsin I’m pinging you cause I’m angry and I have nothing against you.

@gamerpoke why tf did you replace out

was going to post this angry rant but I have a better idea


Wow didn’t ping me


I realized I couldn’t be on at that time. But in the end. It was a modkill


tbh your only fault is not being able to read


I don’t think Hja is illiterate though…



I blame nerbins


are you asking to be blamed here nerbins



All I did was nothing!
Also accidentally revealed a masonry.
But besides that nothing!


.Accept-Allow boss to know your alignment and for boss to give you his. As well if boss ever dies then you die and you gain a chat together. You also can give up your action twice per game to commute the other person, preventing anyone from visiting (yes I asked if this commute also stops strongmans and apparently it does so YES) however we can’t both commute each other in the same night and apparently I can’t be stopped from performing a commute on someone. (Also twice per night means me and boss share 2 commutes we don’t hve a total of 4)

It says only that you die if he dies nothing about the other way around


If you used your D0 check on Geyde you could’ve got the spreadsheet and gamesolved




I literally swore I wrote he dies if I die


He can edit it :^)


god dammit it


Can’t blame me anymore


Fair enough.


I can blame you for blindly believing him though


I didn’t blindly believe him if you look I did suspect him until shadow confirmed that he is town