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SCP FM - Dead Chat


Such bravery, alas I shall not let you fall comrade.


You stopped my tunnel on boss and merc so I blame you


no everything could’ve been different


ici doesn’t die scum dies instead


You can’t vlame me for that when I died and got math lynched and you still didn’t tunnel on them


ninja can’t get the mislynch


Real soilders never let their comrades fall


I do blame you for that


Sorry can’t against rules


Ill take the blame for everything. Be happy


We are all soldiers now

invited DatBird #893


Don’t worry my friends, I am your shield!

invited Zone_Q11 #895

invited ShadowExtreme #896


Please lynch Nuclear


We can’t let someone be happy when they take the blame, alright let’s just blame h_hjaisk

Actually, let’s just vote.

  • Blame H_Hjaisk
  • Hesitant on the first option however eh why not

0 voters


@Geyde you do know drug dealer doesn’t block results correct


If you drug someone saying they were roleblocked they aren’t


In this it replaces results