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SCP FM - Dead Chat


If town is smart they won’t hang the neutral killer


I, highly doubt town is smart though


I need help interpreting how unstoppable sk interacts with redirection, although it doesn’t change the current gamestate.

Zone redirected Nuclear into Wazza.
Nuclear was originally targeting Shadow.


If Shadow is alive Nuclear is for sure dead.


Unstoppable is unstoppable

An unstoppable force meets an immovable object, the ground shudders beneath your feet


Not if town is smart

Oh right shadow is town nvm


But it’s not stopping the attack, just sending it somewhere else


Unstoppable is basically a strongman. Strongman bypasses redirection


Are you stopping the guy who nuke is attacking from dying

then it’s not unstoppable


who is Zone redirecting nuke to


Nuke to Wazza


I have a feeling it’s boss



is Zone dumb


That’s the answer I was looking for.


I don’t think so.
They currently think that nk is either Simon / Nuke


How does Wazza and zone die then


Wait Simon can’t even submit an action

This is somewhat stupid


I backtracked and just decided fuck it since Simon clearly didn’t show that they had any outside info while I was talking to them that they can play freely.

Simon shot zone


Who is nuke killing


Nuke is killing Shadow