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SCP FM - Dead Chat


I literally can’t understand a single sentence u r writing rn no joke


You’re not in that discord


But what discord


I said why would merc say that they were guilting luxy if they werent


Stop insulting ici hjaisk


Scp one


Mercenary over reacts to things

I over reacted to you accusing ici falsely


Even if she did she would have to over react to something so it’s already proof that it happened


You know you are a terrible liar btw


That’s how you know that I am not lying rn



Did you really just insult your parents?


And you insulted Geyde and Icibalus


Geyde and icibalus are not my parents and I didn’t insult them


X doesn’t equal Y

You insulted Geyde, Icibalus, and your parents


go to your room


Because I’m over reacting you know it’s the truth


But dad


But I didn’t insult geyde and icibalus and they aren’t my parents


I’m sorry, but since I’m over reacting it’s 100% the truth


I know that it’s truth because I think so