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SCP FM - Dead Chat


And Lightsin?


Wasnt squid killed for inactivity?
Did they replace out?


Lightsin announced intention to replace out in the main thread, which was then easily read as town despite being a player with reasonable suspicion on them before that point.


They replaced out, yes.


Gamer also did that tho




So unfortunate.


Players signed up for a game they didn’t actually have the time to play.


Not from you, from them.
If you think you may not have the time to play, don’t sign up. I can’t believe that principle was violated so overwhelmingly this game.


Boss fucking misted the crap out of town d2 onward

It’s great to watch tbh


Stop guilting Luxy. His parents don’t allow him to have a Discord account because he wasted too much time on it on the past.


I take zero fault for this lost as I died


no one is???


Icibalus and geyde are


they literally aren’t tho


They are




Where on discord


Why would she say that otherwise


I haven’t said anything of the sort.